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To register at eventbrite dot com and look for Elizabeth Gamble Gardens. And and or give them a call at 65032913566503291356. I believe that will do you, Dad. All right. Thanks for letting me do all that. There we go. Alright. Thanks, Edie. Anyway, let's go to Bob in Sebastopol. Hi there, Bob. Good morning, Bobby. I've got a question about my hanging up baskets with flowers went to the big box store and they had a sale, and I bought 10 of them, and I'm sure they're annuals and they do very well. I'm not just my question is come next spring. Can I look forward to replanting them? Which is a fun endeavor anyway, But what I have to replay manuals next year sometime You know, Bob? I don't know. The pop possibility is that you know some annuals can you know? Go through the wintertime without you know if it doesn't freeze, you know they survive that. And But you know, In my opinion, they don't really perform as well. The second year. Uh huh. So it depends on what the weather is going to be. And, uh, your particular joys are whether you want some new stuff and whatever. I cannot answer that correctly because I don't know the answer. I don't even know if there's a problem with it. It's always fun to work on those on those pumps anyway, and they hang up and the golfers can't get him. At least gophers aren't that big yet, But that's true. So far, so good. Oh, hey, Bob, I think you know you ought to have one of your bumper songs September and the range. God while I'm going to. I'm going to.

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