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Would you rangers wifi three to fan k r l v fmhd3 worn dallasfort worth never ever quit guys let's go but by the verse center of road trivia one worst mood more our comprehensive look at this week's session of the national football league gears puma roseires man's god ground only eight teams remain of a drama and pressure get churned up a notch now as we go to the divisional route from westwood one is nfl preview iroele along with oversized and i've scot graeme getting ready and boomer we had our cells a very interesting first weekend in it looks like it's setting up at it could be a very interesting second weekend it really well be scott great to talk to you as we get ready for a divisional weekend here in the nfl and think about this there are eight starting quarterbacks obviously for the eight teams that you just pointed out that are left of those eight starting quarterbacks four of them have had a total of three playoff starts and four of them have had a total of seventy five combine playoff start so when you think about these quarterbacks the inexperience and who everybody is in this particular round of the playoffs i'll tell you what this going to be some heavy lifting for guys like case kingdom and nick falls and then when you think about the teams that have to go on the road i guess in the case of the atlanta falcons with matt ryan and of course the saints with drew brees i think that's the great equalizer right there so those game should be really really tight well that first game we've got coming up on saturday has the atlanta falcons in philadelphia eagles the falcons got the win against the rams last week and if the sixseat they now go to philadelphia to take on the number one overall seat in the nfc of course they did a lot of their good work with person wants a quarterback nick folz has taken over after went scott hurt in fulson played all that well over the course of the games that he has been in something that he talked about this week in anticipation of.

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