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Broncos country tonight, Right? I would spend it with Albright taking Alexander Johnson. Thank you. Steve Atwater. Get those interviews up. Broncos country tonight dot com. Writing Crystal or Caylee Broncos inside joins us in about 30 minutes. Stick around For that the meantime, hit us up on the falls three or 3713, 85, 85 or 56690. So I want you to come right back to something, he said. They're after reflection in the break. I'm a little tour on this. I'm a little tourney on what she said about youth, because where he won't use his excuse. I think it's still be Part of context and new ones because we talked about with the offense right the youngest offense in the NFL. We talked about the youth as it relates to reasons. They struggled early on reasons the Broncos defense gave up almost 28 points per game is you had to turn to guys that had barely played if at all at the pro level. And have a lot of experience playing together. Or in the pros, So I'm gonna play this sound by so I asked him about the youth on the defense. So I play this. And then when I wanna sort of this debate this with you, just for a moment. Here's Alexander Johnson for moments ago on not using excuse using youth as an excuse. Like I always I've been hearing that since, like college days, when you hear about used the young guys like I'm a guy who don't really believe in that nice. Seems like if you're a player. You're a player. Remember? Regardless, how many years of your plan? I mean, I'm in snaps. You've been planning it don't matter. You gotta line up and play. Granted, If you've been on played 10 years in the league, you maybe know, even pick up different schemes a little fast or recognize stuff a little here and there, but after him today, regardless you got together. Then they feel you've got to make plays. You gotta do your job. You got to go ball, so I don't really buy into that. You think young stuff like you wanna feel you need to be making plays? You need to be doing your job. Marry if you're older, young so I don't really buy today. You stuff like that as much the least idea that it's a great great answer, And I think from player to player You can say those things like you can't. He's not gonna say that. Michael Odra Moody. It's okay. You gave that touchdown because you're young like that. That doesn't exist. I understand it, but I think that there's a little bit of a context argument we can have from the outside looking in at that team and say, Well, he may not want to give excuse for youth, but I think certainly we can have a conversation about that. Can't we stood No, I'm saying we can mine. What side? Are you coming out on that? Well, That's what I'm saying. I'm a little torn. I mean, on one hand, I see his point. I think from inside the locker room, you're not gonna care about you. So I mean, you strap on the pads and we're gonna go. You don't. That's what it is football player. You don't. It's exactly he's answered exactly right, you the ball or you're not. You think I was capable of going out there doing the job? You're not Did we not say all season long? That's youngest offense in the NFL, and there were. The reasons they're getting. Having struggles out there on the defensive side is because they're playing with guys that relative and experience. I think so. I think those air too. Different conversations. Okay, I think you're you're a macro and micro view. You know, The micro view is in the moment you got to trust that your body could do it in the macro view is Hey, this offense has not reached its ceiling because you've got young guys in there. They're still figuring it out. You know, it's like saying that the first four games of the season you got a brand new defensive coordinator, you know, like last year. Well, Vic Fangio the 1st 45 games to see if the Broncos defense one eye Good. It couldn't get sacks. Could you turn overs? Whatever. And part of that was the defense was still getting used to a brand new defense. Now they're going to tell you that's no excuse. We gotta go out there. Get it done. But the reality is is that you know, when you go back to the macro view, everybody's got the ability to look at it. And she said, Well, defense has the ability to improve and be better because they're still learning it in, gathering it and getting all this information. And processing it into liquid stuff. So there's a there's a macro versus micro view. The individual view is always going to be. I don't care how old how young you are. If you're white, black green, whatever. If you go out there and play you play in the story, the the macro view was going to be well. These guys were young. Um, you know, we're gonna have to do the best we can with them, and they'll grow into the superstars that become I mean, if you look at Justin Simmons and year one versus Justin 70, Year four, you're talking about a relatively inexperienced player who got on the field a little bit versus an all pro. So you know, I I don't think that that's that either side or either particular stance is 100% accurate, But I think both of them are 90% accurate. I think it's no no 100% that that's what I'm saying. Like, like a Susie said it. I'm like, Yeah, you behind that. And I'm like, Well, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait. Hold on. Get behind it from a player to player perspective. But I also feel like when we're having conversations about why this team is struggling. I think it's Zapopan Iate to bring up their youth. It's appropriate to bring up there in experience their time together on the field. So Where I love that the Broncos as a team inside that locker room will use that as an excuse, and we haven't found any guys by the way that have used that is excused. They'll know because if you do find them, they won't be here. Right. You give credence to it as an acknowledgement, but as Alexander's it, I mean, it's almost the opposite ways like I'm not even to give it credence. We those guys need to go out there and play. If they're if they're playing out there, part of the 11 We have to win. We have to find ways to win. And it doesn't matter who's out there. But again, I think this is like you said of Micro versus Macron is too from conversations. Love that inside the locker room, though they don't really care about that, at least that context, right and you see the lengths that NFL players will go to to motivate themselves. It's also against the world. When was the Patriots? Nobody believed it was the year the Patriots everybody believed, you know, so from that you can kind of gather that Alexander Johnson the mindset that we're not going to allow crutches in the locker room..

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