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Top soy's were following for you today on WTO P President Biden is in South Korea It's his first Asian trip as commander in chief on the agenda a call on Congress a call on Congress to give final approval to Bill designed to increase competitiveness against China Two Secret Service workers in South Korea on the presidential trip apparently being sent home After an off duty incident the two were in Seoul preparing for the president's arrival when they reportedly got into a drunken fight with a cabbie They're now on administrative leave Get ready for the possibility of big weather There's a tornado watch for much of northern Maryland including Frederick and Howard counties It also affects Frederick county Virginia and West Virginia Panhandle That Panhandle The watch expires at 7 o'clock tonight Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in minutes Kids from 5 to 11 can now get booster shots The CDC approved the move last night those boosters come at a good time because vaccine protection is waning and many kids in our region are testing positive That today's story is part of our weekly focus on local education At the end of last month D.C. said its school system reported 451 cases in a week the highest since the end of the winter surge cases increased more during the weeks of May 1st in May 8th In fairfax county doctor Ben Schwartz with the county's health department says the number of COVID cases has been increasing With nearly 4000 students While on the bay bridge.

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