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The turmoil on wall street has not had much of an impact on the underlying economy the economic deigned of the corporate report seemed fine but also the operation of the banking system and the american consumer and all that don't appear to be getting caught up in this market pull back and dollops as institutional investors remained calm during the pull backed the government's monthly inflation data the producer and consumer price indexes will be out later in the week reports on retail sales housing starts and industrial production will also be released in washington this week on jeff belanger bloomberg business for kyw newsradio business reports on newsradio at twenty five and fifty five after every hour this is black history month but the owner of an african gallery in philadelphia is inviting guests to celebrate yearround they would you sheridan howard explains tribal long located on third street nld city is one of philadelphia's hidden gems and has been for more than thirty years founder karen briggs says bill adelphia has a rich legacy of african history and tribal home honors this history and a unique away i wanted you to have a braying of buying back that you albert more rigs wants to educate people and help celebrate the artistry of african artifacts idle a hand crowder block of carvers bid have their path paved by down within tree thinking i was just a piece of betrayed to i will whom also has an ongoing partnership with the barnes foundation by light of orange speaker datta born with the birth of america collector collector that african out affects every for sunday the barnes is free and guests of tribal homes gift to the head of the.

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