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The north carolina episodes a good example. You know that yeah it could. It could push the platform there may be but it does something to kara core. That was one of the ones where i wanted to. I went to punch colson. Because i'm like she's in the attic for seventy pages. If i can't have a four hour or the attic it's not an frank because exactly i can't even have a sixty minute. Episode was just her alone in the attic. I would have to do things she have to have visions and be talking to people. And that would kind of break like what we're doing here But a limitation became an opportunity owed. She's forced to go through this process of learning about maternity of having to live out the active mothering because his little girl. Little girl is tough as hell. It almost doesn't need mothering. Which is because core is also very headstrong and thinks she doesn't need anybody thought it was a really wonderful opportunity men. There is some scenes in the episode that we filmed and we had to. We had to cut that. Which is so after martin goes in and dynamites the mine he comes back home and he calls the because core in grace down from the attic and he's sitting there he's sweaty. He's covered muddy just rocking and he tells the three and a half minute monologue about how his father more or less forced this legacy absolutely no. He doesn't think he is strong enough to do it. And at the very end grace looks at him and she goes you. You feel like a slave in core looks at her and goes just looks at her. Doesn't say anything up in the attic and we had to cut it bro. Red carpet to damon damon heron. But i do think you're right. I mean she's physically stuck but emotionally intellectually. I think she's making these huge leaps in took so much that she sacrifices herself at the end of that episode. She comes down and tells a little girl to stay. Yeah there's yeah you don't need a lot of platt. You know to be telling that starting sometimes i teach writing and that kind of stuff i try to get writers to understand the difference between platin- store and i say this definitions. They're not necessarily difference out there. But i would say the. The story to me is the emotional journey. Character takes on the plot events to tell that story and sometimes you can have movies with very little platinum story and sometimes movies with a lot of platinum very listeners. Well what do you mean by that. And say we'll give. I'll give you the example. I'll use to spill big movies. Close encounters and raiders of the lost art. Same director that said Raiders of the lost ark is a platform. Removing all kinds of stuff. Happened to indiana jones. Snakes come in all. But he's basically the same indiana jones. The beginning of the movie is at the end. So there's very little story in my mind up. But that's kind of the form of the saturday morning syria which is based on. You don't know a story. That's why they're hard to write because it's hard to write good plot twists that keeps an audience engaged. That's not yes it is. It's really different close encounters on the other hand. There's very little platte. You know you know. Richard drivers sees something and then he goes to a mountain like that's about it in terms but he is almost a different richard dreyfuss in almost every single scene of that movie that anyone even more. The story is amazingly complex of the journey that this character takes macaire took. The end leaves his family and his kids. The character getting would never leave. His kids are gonna spaceship with alien. It's crazy larry wilmore's exactly here for that's fucking perfect. I mean it but understanding those tools you can write a.

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