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Pattern is going to continue in fact we're going to be seeing a general weather pattern of low pressure over the north east and high pressure along the west coast continuing through the end of the week the storm that's going to be pulling away through New England today is going to have rain turning over to snow mostly across northern New England and especially across the extreme northern parts of the region there can be six to as much as twelve inches of snow lake effect snow is going to kick in behind it and it could be snow showers around over Michigan and Ohio and then points east toward the heaviest lake effect snow is going to be east of Lake Ontario where at least a foot of new snow is likely today into tonight and as the lake effect snow persists over the coming days a little bit farther to the southeast we still have chilly air that's going to work its way into the southeast but it is going to be drying out we're looking for highs mostly in the forties and fifties throughout the southeast and back into the Tennessee valley however on the west coast we are looking for dry weather hanging on and lots of sunshine and we're going to be seeing temperatures at or above seventy around the San Francisco Bay Area and challenging records in the Middle ladies around LA so this warm weather is really going to continue we're looking for chillier weather over interior sections but even there temperatures are running at or above normal that's the nation's weather hi Maggie weather dot com meteorologist heather Sher on this date in nineteen fifty one the twenty second amendment to the constitution limiting a president to two terms in office was ratified actor Howard Hesseman is eighty today best known for his role as Dr Johnny fever on the TV sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati coming.

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