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And that's not going to be the case. But not. Nobody has ever been able to converse with a Pok Mon in history. So this is a big deal. A-bomb those things are creepy amputee Pokemon. Anyway, I don't know if you noticed they have arms with no hands their hands are cut off. And then they have a tail with a giant they their hands off their arms. I'd noticed the tail. Yeah. And so like freaking out because I never really the amputee of them has always bothered me in Pokemon, go. But seeing them like swing from things and use their little stubby arms to catch things. I'm like, oh my God. Yeah, they're creepy characters to begin with. And then to have them all amped up and on this arduous, man. It was pretty invigorating to start the movie with a little bit of a chase. They're running up the building and slamming doors and all that stuff. And it's a good way to Jek little bit of action into this. Otherwise meandering story so far, and I do think at least American kids today, even young. Ones are accustomed to this level. Like, the show would never dare to go this intense. But maybe it should maybe this is a signal that they can trust their audience to do that more. They run up on the roof, and they go down a garbage by the time the things get down onto the street level. Again, we can see it's worn off. It's a temporary thing. And it's all over and the only one freaked out about it is Tim who's now covered in certain running around trying to convince anyone that will listen that Pika chew was talking to him. I love the few times we hop and see an external person's perspective of beacon, shoelaces Pika that girl. You're adorable urine. Or that? I felt was a little Ryan Reynolds hitting on that girl, but I find Pika chew to be incredibly cute here from the outside. Yeah. This is a good seen. This is a good way to let us know as an audience that what is happening with Tim. And that the fact that he can understand Pika chew peak at you can understand him is actually happening without it being. Ng overly done to the point. Where it's I guess we get these two aren't supposed to be able to communicate like this. But it's happening. It's done. So in such a way that I enjoyed the set here as they're walking through the underbelly of rhyme city in going past the cafes and booth at think it works well here. Yeah. This is the Bladerunner part. I don't feel like much of the movie looked like blade runner. But this moment there, clearly, referencing readily, Scott and the neon and the fusion of eastern and western influences in the architecture and all that I wanna give a shout out specifically to Justice Smith. I actually think he's really good in this movie. And I didn't know who he was I had to look them up. I'm like is he some unknown Will Smith Siahaan like see like overshadowed by willow, and Jaden and all of that. It's not in that Smith family, but he's quite good. We had seen him in that last drastic world movie, basically doing this kind of comedy bits, and he's good at that in a kid's sitcom way. He got all the pratfalls all. The faces he can do all of that stuff..

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