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Visit Slovenia dash automotive dot com to find your perfect bald the expected full house vote could come within the next hours Democrats have been debating impeachment all day correspondent Linda canyon with the latest it is about corruption and the constitution that's why says house Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler it's up to the house to stand up to the president for his impeachable acts it is about a president who abuses power to coerce an ally to intervene in our election and poses a continuing threat to the integrity of our next selection the president is charged with two impeachable offenses abuse of power and obstruction of Congress the city council has voted to move forward with the original timeline for legalize pot in Chicago the vote was twenty nine nineteen against efforts by the black caucus to delay the rollout until July there was a lot of back and forth procedural votes ahead of the main vote older men chase urban held things up for a little while the motion the motion before the body now is to sustain the chair's ruling that your your motion is overruled that is correct okay and then the next most call you to vote on either in Irving police are out of order please you are you're out of order the card czar for please call the roll the caucus argue that there is not enough participation by it minorities bill cameras is my life it does have a plan to eventually include minority on ownership in the new industry bidders city council debate left the impression that the marijuana to count out black and brown people but she's vowing to get them in the game fundamentally what we're talking about is making sure that we provide access to capital so that black and brown folks that want to enter this market actually have the equity that they need to be able to start up a business whether it's because cultivation a dispensary trucking on there's a lot of different ways to participate I'm in this market and that's the kind of things that we've been talking to the black caucus about since October but the black cauldron who urged delay in never did come up with their own plan no camera into the less Amy that a news at city hall governor Prisco signed historic legislation into law today the governor signed a bill to consolidate the state's six hundred forty nine suburban and downstate police and fire pension funds into just to pension funds up next they're trying to do the same for Chicago and state of Illinois pensions two men convicted in the murder of nine year old tie show only have been sentenced to prison Nick Gail with the story a judge's sentence gunman bright Dodi to ninety years in prison and get away driver Corey Morgan the sixty five years the two were convicted by separate juries in October in the twenty fifteen shooting death of Lee prosecutors say the two men lowered the boy into a Chicago alley and that Dodi shot the boy a close range while Morgan watched in a nearby get away car prosecutors claim that Jodie and Morgan targeted Taishan as part of an escalating game feud they allegedly believed to gain the link to the boy's father was responsible for killing Morgan's brother a few weeks earlier and wounding his mother Mikhail W. L. essay M. eight ninety news the family of a Chicago police officer Eduardo Marmolejo hit and killed by train last year while pursuing a suspect with a gun filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming negligence against mattress south shore line the train conductors the suspect in the city of Chicago marmalade when the officer Conrad Gary responding to reports of shots fired at a hundred First Street and often when they confronted the male suspect Edward brown as he ran up the tracks police later said it appeared the sound of another passing train may have drowned out the sound of the train which ultimately hit them from behind the suit also alleges there was a dilapidated fence and poor lighting R. Kelly pleaded not guilty in Chicago federal court to a new indictment brought in New York alleging he bribed in Illinois official to get a fake ID for fifteen year old singer Elena a day before he married her in nineteen ninety four new allegation adding to a sweeping racketeering conspiracy charges a Kelly sexually abused under age girls in sports the bulls take on the wizards in Washington tonight the Blackhawks host the Colorado Avalanche WLS news time right now five oh.

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