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Fifty five degrees right now, very overcast foggy as well. In Boston at ten thirty. The heavy and steady rain is heaviest this morning and will taper off somewhat this afternoon. Highs ranging from the mid to upper forty three day north and west of four ninety five to about fifty seven downtown and some spots along the south coast. We'll be getting into the upper fifties this afternoon. Good Tuesday morning. November thirteenth. I'm Tina Chow. WBZ news. Here's what's happening and least forty four people have been killed by the fast moving wildfires out in California. They campfire in the northern part of the state continues to reach grim new milestones. Forty two of the people killed are from northern California's campfire alone making the deadliest and most destructive fire in California state history, and many people are still believed to be missing after the fire tore through a small town north of Sacramento ABC's will car is in paradise with more details. There are still very spotty cell phone service in this area. The. True hope is the majority of those people are alive in. Okay. They just scattered when this fire started, and they may be in another town. They may be in a shelter. They may be with loved ones. But when you go through, and you see just how widespread all of this damage and devastation is I mean, you're talking about more than four square miles. And when you drive that entire area pretty much everything is gone. You can understand why the death toll has continued to jump every day more than fifty two thousand people remain evacuated from the campfire in northern California. That has so far scorched close to a hundred and eighteen thousand acres and is currently thirty percent contained paradise California again has been virtually decimated by the campfire with thousands of homes and businesses destroyed according to authorities at this point there have been hundreds of requests for welfare checks in paradise. But the town is still too dangerous for people to return paradise city council member Melissa Schuster says the community remains a. Evacuated but vows of the town will come together and recover rebuild our home. We will rebuild our town stronger, better safer and more beautiful than ever. We will do that. Meantime, I leased who people are dead in the Wolsey fire in the southern California area. Forty mile an hour. Winds and low humidity are expected oppose even more problems and challenges for firefighters that fire has burned closed at ninety four thousand acres. There's also an extremely critical fire risk in San Diego County. That's the highest fire risk possible. To be issued by Noah other top stories today. CNN is suing the Trump administration now demanding that correspondent Jim Acosta's press credentials to cover the White House and be returned. The lawsuit is also filed against several of President Trump's aides seeking the immediate restoration of a cost has access to the White House last week the White House suspended a cost press pass known as a secret. Service hard pass after a very heated and news conference. There were a cost refused to give up his microphone when the president said he did not want to hear from him. I tell you what CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude. Terrible person. You shouldn't be working for CNN CNN's lawsuit alleges that the ban violates a Kosta and CNN's first and fifth amendment rights. The suit was filed early this morning and US district cord in Washington D C coming up in just a few minutes. President Trump has a reminder for France details in just a few minutes..

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