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Now here are Dave will Lucien Matt Dillon. Not gonna ever back here in Orlando at CFCC arena. The Tigers hoping to win their third in a row. Second on the road in a battle of the knights of the use the Tigers now fifteen and ten seven and five two and five on the road against the knights team. That was picked to win at all they're eighteen and five which is their best start for twenty three games since two thousand and three eight and three and league play. That's their best start ever in the AFC. Are they got manhandled Memphis by twenty camp? The Tigers do it again on the road against a team whose number they had three weeks ago. You're right David you realize the schedule for UCF after they play Cincinnati twice. They I have to go to Houston next to US L the temple that is not an easy scared. No this game is looming large. They. They dropped this game to the Tigers. Have you have to wonder how they're going to finish in his regular season? So they every right to play the night. The Tigers are US temple or playing. And so there's a lot of ramifications for standings and everything else in this league. It's a big after noon for the Tigers. Nowhere wear black UCF will be in a white the officials for this game Zoltan. Steed, the old veteran Shaun Cassidy and jerick, Shannon. We had him a couple of weeks ago. Taco fall. Wow. There's a change in the starting lineup. And the U of them is going back to the lineup. The you. Yes, they did to start the game and FedEx forum Isaiah MAURICE will start with a four seniors. Rather Davenport is out of the starting lineup parks is in this is different than we thought. The tip is one by taco fall. He's now won every. Tip. The last two years fifty one in a row, and here is Bj Taylor into the front court work in the right, art and good. Switch by Thornton. Smith sets a pick. And VJ Taylor gets over to Browning left sign and a whistle. And a hold call inside. We'll be called them. Mike Parkes Zoltin stayed with the first call in the game. And it comes nineteen seconds in day one. They're going to do they're gonna play man and member they're gonna zone principle inside against the bigs and really pressure on the bond. I tried to do it there. Cheryl Allen their point guard gets the corner. Bill doctrines he's firing three. It's an ball. And the rebound is tipped by. Isaiah MAURICE Martin. So here comes the senior who's been hot. He leaves it Senator circle for rainier Thornton. He'll go to work on dockets. Takes it to the left dark looking for help to Bruton up top. He's picked up by Alan in a wheat Martin top of the key to the left elbow. We've got a whistle out of following. This one will be called taco floor way.

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