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As far north of 151st Street. That's mainly going to be used for express Lane work. Ege and the tern plate being worked on from I 75 all the way over to the Turnpike Spur. I'm Michael Akemi Agnew's radio 6 10. The Hispanic woman is said to be on the short list to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Derek Dennis has the story. Barbara Logo is a Cuban American federal appeals court judge from Florida State President Trump Needs TTO win in November. The 52 year old is considered a protege of Florida Governor Ron De Santis, Close Trump Ally President Trump has said he's heard at length about Lagoa, adding she's Hispanic. And highly respected. A person is dead, another injured in a shooting during a large gathering in ST Petersburg. The incident happened at a food max on 18th Avenue south. There were from 50 to 100 people there at the time, the shots were fired. Police say. Ah fight broke out prior to the shooting. One man died at the scene and others in critical condition members of several law enforcement agencies under the memory of Sergeant Eric Twist. Still, the sheriff's office is listening his death. Rum Cove in 19. He received the clay County Sheriff's Office Lifesaving Award in 2014 for saving a person from drowning in 2015. It was recognized as deputy of the year. Some Florida climate change. Activists are trying to get you to watch wax melts. Gordon Bird has the story. The Clio initiative is putting up wax sculptures and three outdoor locations around the state. Dice Lopez, vocal. Who's Vuolo Foundation supports the project says they melt down to leave a statement after they mail. There is a message, but you also with your phone and currently or take a picture. The melting art includes a lifeguard hut in Miami, a Florida panther at a Tampa zoo. And later this week a grandfather and grandchild eating ice cream in Orlando. Several of the stories in the Gulf coastal area plan to hand out cleaning supplies for free in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally Stores around Pensacola.

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