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Doughty and covered up the british authorities were convinced diana's death was an accident but they had a different world view than muhammed alpha did looking at the events through egyptian culture diana put herself endanger egyptian news publicize diana's death as a murder from the start in the muslim world women aren't allowed to mary outside their faith so if diana got engaged to dough defy ed she was truly crossing a line to them white anglican diana's death was the logical outcome once she dated a muslim man but the royal family and mi six came from a different view were diana's marriage to a muslim man would have been frowned upon but not worth the trouble of an elaborate murder conspiracy mohamed al fayed remains convinced that his son and the princess were murdered he refuses to believe anything else so insistent that even one of his own lawyers george key scharmann quit on him most recently mohammed alfayed financed a documentary about the events of august 30th and 31st titled unlawful killing the film premiered at cannes in 2011 but due to its content it was unable to secure insurance to exhibit the film in the uk or us the legal team recommended 87 cuts to avoid being sued but muhammad refused to make them still strong in his convictions about prince phillip mi six and the death of princess diana so does this theory hold up i side with the court on this one while one set of events would be plausible there are too many variables proposed with all these theories and versions of theories all fired and his team while thorough were thrown spaghetti at the wall to see what stuck agri it's too broad to be true the only thing that trips me up his james andamson the details of his story in his suspicious death really make me.

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