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Aw. We should have some pasta some red wine here. The sidewalk cafe. No, he's cafe donate outside the accessory hotel. Really on the veteran. We're gonna e. I'm gonna keep us focused here because we can go in every direction we were just talking about how you were involved in making the godfather happened not just getting a role in the godfather. So you're telling me, you're meeting with Colombo Colombo, yo Colombo, and you're selling him on the deal that why are you making trouble? I've got a better deal for you. And I said let me set up a meeting for you. I know they're all here in the Gulf from western golden because Betty McCaw tell me all her New York. So now, I go to the author western building which was right up the block from Madison Avenue where the league headquarters the good news. They had a young gentleman. Just just a young lawyer in your call, Barry, Sean hick who still here. Yes. So Barry was the attorney for the league. So Delo hires berry smart. Get a nice Jewish attorney. Good Jewell lawyer. That's what I always say. I always remember do you? Remember, you probably weren't watching all the family in the seventies. You had other things going on. But that was the classic wine that he was angry from some guy in the laundromat who was an Arab. And he said I want to get a good I want to get a vicious Jew lawyer because he knew the Arabs and the Jews. You know, this is all right. So seriously, though, this is the this is not made up keep going. So what happened is I go there? And I said, listen, you having problems with the mom, why don't I and using the language from the book. Why don't I arrange a sit down and have everybody. Come and he should what are you talking about? I I had a meeting this morning with Joe Colombo, which I did. I said I brought up some points that I think he would negotiate with you. And that's all they wanted to do. They should you could do this. I yeah. So now, we arrange your meeting for the next day. How old are you? At this time. I'm twenty five this is bizarre. You've gone. So now, I go down to Joe I should Joe. They wanna meet tomorrow, ten o'clock of western Bill. He says, okay. I should make sure you bring like butter esta Chico with you, I want I want to be what it should be. I watched a combined with the crew but bring Barry and Barry was sitting there, and they all loved it. Because now they all coming in with it looked like a looked like the meeting in the godfather when Solazzo came everybody sat down. So they started going through it. And and they asked him right out. What don't you like he's what we want? We don't want to be referred to as Guineas and and all of that. And they didn't want mafia locos. All of that in the movie. So and it wasn't. No kidding. Yeah. But here's an interesting thing. So I should want before we go through all that is why don't we have Barry read the script. He knows what you don't want. If they agree to take that out. Would you agree to support the unions and the locations in New York should? Yeah. And I should what he wants. Also is he wants to world premieres and every major city that he chose for. If there's a Tena America's obviously, we want to do this in Virginia. But. So that's hilarious. But all the major cities, and because he already knew so the all agreed on this this next thing, you're gonna fall on the ground. So now, they're all getting up shaking hands. So I pulled Joe sleeve I should show. What about me? And he goes like this like like, he's Jesus Christ. You raises has everybody sit down. They all sit down. I'm talking about Bobby Evans Stanley Jaffe, major guys of the studio, and he's gonna do for my boy. So Bobby Evans jumps says a we'll give them apart or knowing you say, Bobby Evans, Robert I have to explain to translate Robert Evans, like a legend. He's the president. Okay. To Chinatown to move. He wrote the book the kid stays in the picture day. Odds about his biography. Yeah. Great guy. But anyway, so what happens is so bobby's doing this Hollywood bullshit, a we'll give them apart. No, no, no, no. Let me tell you something I came here either to get Michael sunny or call now your audience is going to hear something most people don't know they said well Michaels already been cast. It's James Caan. Right. Just did Brian picolo right and sunny was combine Caridi. He had a play on the man from a much on Broadway. They should be a big guy. So I said what about caller this? We didn't get to call yet. So I said Joe I wanna play call. So he says to he plays caller. And that was it. No. Then they go another step. And they said well, have you agent is I have no waging they said. Well, you in the union, I should know this. You can't be in this movie. I sent me tell you something. I did my homework. This is a tear fault state. You give me a whole lot second that come on. I we need to annotate this conversation. You said this is a Taft Hartley. Stay to work state. Okay. But I mean, not everybody knows this. I knew I I had people tell me what they're gonna throw at me. Not to give me the part. So I was prepared right. My grandfather always told me be prepared, and I've always been prepared. So I told him is you give me a letter reunion. Wait now. Join the union so Joseph give him the letter. And that was it. Unbelievable. I mean, honestly, I I you almost can't believe this is true. I know it's true. I know it's in the book, but wow, crazy crazy story. But there's another craziest. We have time. I'll tell you. We've got we've got time. I mean, we'll take the time. Okay. It's so okay. So at that point, you say, you got the part a lot of people don't know that Michael Corleone was not supposed to be out Pacino that they didn't want him. It was a big fight. Oh, my God the studios ready to pull the plug on us. Because the first scenes you see Michael in the movie was at my wedding. And he was in an army uniform yet, very weak and timid and this the studio heads are saying, wait a minute. This guy's going to become what he becomes. And Francis said watch them do it, and they should wait it. We're not going to watch two hours of film, and he doesn't do it. Right. And ready to fire them so many times. But as you kept developing. He did it. I saw an interview with Al Pacino not long ago where he discusses this because I'd never known this. And he said that while he was shooting the picture he he knew that he could be fired at any point. And so he said that he played the role differently. Like, he was hanging back or something. And then once the scene in. I gotta remember with with with the. You know, where he where he where he pulls out the gun or on mcklusky ski these says that scene kinda changed every we're gonna be right back, folks. Final segment in this hour with Gianni Russo the books.

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