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It out slate dot com. It's still something that is easy to find. Because it was moving to me that this guy in general just as a person or reporter cared enough to come and be in our environment. And write a nice thing about our show that seemed to get our show and then at some point during that Mike Ryan says to me. Yeah. That's the guy who kind of wrote the office and parks and rec and I'm like oh shit. Oh shit. What happened there? Why would that person waste his time? No, it gets worse. Wait a minute. It gets worse. So now recently is Stu gods has tried to get you to ghostwriters his book because he doesn't want to do any of the work. I'm learning that you've got these giant projects. And then I see daily variety report that you're got something for twenty five million dollars a year. Your your. Like a wildly successful show runner. I didn't know anything about that way. I just thought you were some dope in the back of the room writing an article about us, nobody would read. Well, first of all that's what I was. And am and the fact that I have other projects going on. Or did. I just signed a new deal, which I did at universal doesn't have anything to do with my love of your show and your work or the fact that I was just at that time a dope in the back of the room writing an article about you. That's what I wanted to be. That was the whole point. Like, I I came across your show completely accidentally because I knew who you were. And I knew that you had a podcast. But then I don't know it hit one of those like Malcolm glad we'll tipping points where like enough people told me that I should listen to the show. And I just started listening to his I drove around LA, and you became all. I listen to and it kind of still is all I listen to I have an eleven year old, son. And he doesn't imitation of your dad's saying stugatz from the rejoins. He just walks around. And the house going stugatz. Because that's it's always playing in my car. So when I got in touch with you and ask to write about your show. It was just pure fandom, which which is how it should be. Like, that's the best thing about being a writer. I think is when you get to just write about stuff you like, and I have this weird accidental side career as a sports reporter, not really, but the kind of written for a couple of things for slate about sports, and I just called their editor, Josh Levin and said I go fly to Miami. And write about these guys because it just was something I liked, and that's isn't that the whole point. I mean, that's the whole point of when I was talking to you guys. That was really descends. I got is that you guys do what you think is fun. And that was for my side. That was literally what I did. I just did it because I thought it sounded fun. But beyond that, though, one of the things that I've found interesting about your career and your journey because I'd like to cover how it is that you got to here with you is that you were counter culture, blogger guy judge. Just in his spare time mocking mainstream sports journalism. You were doing. This is Ken tremendous with fire. Joe Morgan, you're at the cutting edge of sports writing snark, and you were doing this from what vantage point where were you in your career?.

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