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All states or situations. Alan Valencia, California. Welcome heckuva, happy Allen. Alan are you there, sir? Well. I don't know what happened to you. But we're gonna put you back on hold, and we'll try you again here in just a minute and go to Craig in Anaheim, California. Craig welcome. Welcome good. Craig? What can I do for you? A couple of questions John. Did you take the Highlander new highlanders are one of the best rigs for longevity resell everything on the road? Yeah. It's right up there. Highlander forerunner both or just bulletproof. They're both very very. Yeah. Just bought one. I just wanted to hear what you thought about it. Now, it's really a not a day goes by I don't recommend one to somebody. Yeah. What would you recommend on a half ton four just came out their new do? So I go, I know Nissan's God there's. I wasn't crazy about the Nissan. It was kind of an odd truck it had a diesel. But and they got the cargo capacity up to the point where it was certified as a over eighty five hundred pound truck, which means that you don't have to rate it for fuel economy and and half tons do. Anything about half ton. You'll never see EPA numbers on it whatsoever. I had the I had the three liter diesel f one fifty about two months ago. There's a review up at the website. I was very impressed. And the thing that impressed me the most I think was the fact that Ford didn't gals people on the price of the diesel when I had the I ram ecodiesel back twenty fifteen and I looked at the numbers, which always do. In fact, it's on the it's on the review both these trucks. I do the numbers for you on. Okay. If you get a diesel how long will it take to pay back the cost of that engine? And with the forty it was very very reasonable. I think three years and some change. And then you've got a great engine that is that that will last you if it's a typical diesel now believe it is it should go well over three hundred thousand miles. So the truck itself was enjoyable. The diesel was great plenty of torque and really good gas mileage especially out on the highway. I think. I got close to thirty. And that is good mileage for a truck. I've got good Ford dealers out your way..

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