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Rams 13 bears Nothing second down 11 Chicago They've got it at the Rams 13 yard line after the time out, was taken by Sean McVeigh. Rams have one time out left. Larry Boram checked in along the offensive line for the Bears. Taking over for Jason Peters had to tackle spot. Dalton signals over the sideline receivers left single man right here is the snap. Dalton back pressure coming. Don't steps up, moving to his right. He's going to run across the tent cuts back to the five dives down at about the three He's going to be just shy of the first out. It appears Darius Williams with the tackle. It's a run of 13th down and one inside a minute to go here in this first half. Outstanding job by Andy Dalton. Everybody was covered up. He did what he had to scramble slide in don't have to panic. You have great opportunity to score touchdown right here bears all four on third down, we'll give it to Montgomery straight ahead. He's got the first down diving for the goal line. He's in touchdown bears David Montgomery with a three yard touchdown run, and with 34 seconds to go in the first half, Chicago is on the board. Rams on top 13 6 with the extra point coming up. My only question would be did it give too much time, But I don't think they did 2034 seconds left on the clock. Outstanding job by the Bear's having their best field position of the night, moving the ball down the field and a cruel situation and getting that touchdown before half Montgomery getting out of the grasp of Aaron Donald. And surging ahead for that touchdown. So now Cairo Santos is on for the extra point. Try. O Donnell, the punter will hold it. Patrick Scales is the long snapper. He sends it back to O'Donnell. The ball is down to kick from Santos is on the way. It is good. Breaking the action with the score ramps 13 bears seven. You're listening to Sunday Night football off Westwood one. Just getting started with Rich Eisen. Season two is NFL centric with origin stories from Al Michaels, Joe Buck and Erin Andrews. Why did you leave ESPN? I felt like I had done everything that I was going to be allowed to do there. I wanted to really be a part of the NFL. This sounds so bratty by done three or four championship games. I just knew if I was going to have a shot at the NFL is going to be at Fox, so it's gone pretty well. Just getting started with Rich Eisen. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts. Party. All right, it's over. Rewards Member appreciation Month at.

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