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In an organization to then have the platform go buy from there. Okay and then. Let's talk about the elephant in the room here for the last eighteen months or so now and that's our good friend. Coded there's been you some challenges with pandemic safety in return to work support. Have you guys worked on it. It's a really a question so you certainly whether it's wave to wave three culprits here for a while as an organization. We were very well. Well-funded well-established going into it with a unique opportunity to kind of look across the valley as opposed to into the valley and we came up with some solutions that could help our clients by making timely investments and small pivots to our business so turns out that being a digital health and safety company in the middle of a global pandemic is actually a very very good place to be and so you know. We grew two hundred twenty nine percent. Our revenues grew year over year while working through the pandemic. Yes so it's been a very very difficult time for for many. Certainly we're here to help. Our businesses and our shareholders have been able to support those people going through very very tough times when we look at getting information about people's location their whereabouts which translates to are they at risk. All we're doing is taking standard health and safety conversations and extending it to those elements that are prevalent withholding so submit to you. That organizations have become more aware of where their people are organizations. Have become more aware of what people's health status and in we think. This is a great a great movement towards utilizing digital to continue that momentum into the hse space on what basis to follow up a little bit of bonet in. This was the final thing i wanted to talk about. Unless you have something. In addition to it but punch you called lone worker monitoring. I think that's you know with failsafe. You know your workers are never truly alone and especially gas industry. You know a lot of times. These guys are out there in production fields or whatever and they are all alone. Some it seems to me like knowing where your people are and understanding what they're working on and having them connected through something like this means that they're not alone right and you're right you're exactly right armour's to make sure that people return home safely every night. We think real important collie way love that thing. That's our thing. We think we have a very important calling and teammates that i get to come to work with everyday share that share the importance of that and really appreciate the good work. You do your organization the awareness you bring to the challenge in front of all of us and yet look forward to one of those thursday night events by arguing by the beer. Oh wow yeah. We're always looking for sponsors. It sounds great will cam. I've really enjoyed this conversation. Appreciate what you guys are doing. I guess can put your lincoln. Url may be in the show notes and put your website in the show notes. And if people wanna get in touch with you they can go from there. That'd be fantastic. Appreciate it once again your time today and all those there. Please stay safe all right. Well thanks everybody. Please tune in again next week for another episode of interest in houses oil and gas. Hse podcast production of the oil and gas global network interest in house or is your reliable us-based partner for measurement instrumentation services and solutions. We are your people for process automation and speaking of vanson. Houston wanna remind you that. The gpa alexei. This is an event in texas excellent san antonio but the gpa. Midstream conference will be in san antonio september the twenty six th through the twenty nineth and then the international operating in trade show that will be in houston october. The fourth through the six also downstream. Usa twenty twenty one is going to be in houston october. Twenty one twenty two and finally automation fair november tenth to the eleventh in houston and i mentioned all of these because anderson hauser will be at all of these particular events and there you can see their portfolio of oil and gas applications products technologies and services as i always mentioned in the show you discover more about interest in hauser by going to our anderson hauser. Og in website. That's in show notes and also we host the addresses to lengthened into twitter. Plays levers review not to tell your friends about us on all your social media and we'll see you next time hsun in next week for another engaging episodes is the oil and gas. Hse podcast a production of the oil and gas global network led more at og n. dot com..

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