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It along the same lines you start here john gruden whispers around week for you mean groomers yet grammercy outlets get that right coming back up billy what are you got jay jay watt doing a new health thing just to put make pretending nonsteroid so last year was like 9 avocados day or whatever and he was like sleeping in that bed in the middle of the day jing hard knoxville and i noticed that you're a you're been real tough guy now but when you were talking tj watt is facing view that actually is a good one though that we will get a couple of guys diets the media loves you at look at how much how many calories this guy eat statin also like this is how much weight this players losing during training camp seattle the office of lyman that is i came into camp a little overweighted about three ninety and after a week his now 350 and then we the last one i had was are the quarterback who gets a little injured in in one of the praxis scare that is always a on one jahor so like get some getting up last year israel when the vikings puke and then try to bridge rudder tours knee that yet that was the sequence of events four slip thunder ali right thous yes definitely happened um also the coach that is he's emphasizing new technology yes obey be that's like a chip that's implanted in like your pads maybe that's like a thing in the helmet them not to chip kelly monitors concussions yes yes something that's way to advance for football guys to understand but forgiveness and very invasive that you you've got you've got to have that point where it's basically there watching them 247 what memory chip kelly was was testing people's pests yeah sleep every day testing their pissed yeah so all right suck sucking also look look for those training camps storylines treat us your best training camps story lines.

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