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Uh paul letham so is here i coined the dte crew scottish paul here with the black panther question with everyone raving about michael jordan being great in the movie some online opinions as saying that they would prefer preferred if he was cast as black panther do you guys agree i prefer what we have on a side note a thought suri was the best thing about the movie i feel about that goum using moving three times i would be happy that michael jordan was not black panther because i felt like it wasn't something that he would've been able to act as actor with affilated they they cast everybody in this right for what they needed to do like i believe a chat with both men as regal king i believe michael jordan has around bucks for billions so like i rebellious person so yeah i think i would definitely not want to see him as black parents because i don't think he would fit the mold for that year agree waiting i thought chadwick boesman was perfect for black panther and i thought michael jordan was great in his role to like i think you hit the word like regaglini is something that black panther should have and chadwick boesman is able to convey that really well michael jordan and i think it's by i think he might be a little too young to do that because i think michael jordan is i mean he's probably a fine of actor young off chat chat with vos myth it is him out just because of his age difference i things about ten years older than him and you need that kind of experience gives all the other major character.

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