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Welcome to another episode of Lamed Parlay. Your host might joke. I'm joining me. Today is none other than the famous James Hinchcliffe James First off. How are you doing today? I'm doing very well. Thanks for asking yourself hanging in there. Man and second question comes from actually comes from my wife is how are the dogs enjoying Hornsey and so far? I think the dogs are sick of seeing becky. I around the house you know like we used to have run of the world guide route. Now you're always you're yell it up to get up the couch and everything. Though I think they're they're anxious for the evacuated. I do have to say your weller. Looks like he's the size of a small bear at this point already. Yeah Yeah we're quite quickly approaching medium bear. Think is you know when when you get that kind of dog either. Bernie doodle tend to many Bernie doodle which is which is kind of funniest thing But it's it's a little bit of A little bit of lucky deck with the size of dog they can range from thirty to sixty five. Pounds really depends on On luck draw and so we weren't sure what we were getting. He's he's eight months and he's he's tipped over fifty so you still got a bit of room to go. Like think is going to be a big boy while that's that's insane that's actually before. I KNOW EVERYBODY LISTENS. Probably like why are you starting with this? But that's actually how I got my wife into paying attention to Indycar was look James. Santa Claus has a dog look at that that dogs instagram and now she actually pays attention to racing so that you did help win my wife over a little bit into the racing world there you go on the dog day. We'll give the dog so we'll we'll go to some some racing here you've got Texas coming up now in just a couple of weeks. Any thoughts or concerns on the fact that it's kind of lumped into one day the first race of the year after a unique in longer than usual off season. The the longer off season is is definitely the weirdest part of it. All you know I mean if you think back to twenty six teen. We got rained out of the first attempt to Texas and came back two or months later. Whatever it was. We got ten minutes the practice and picked up the race on lap. Seventy seven and everything was fine so the the idea of being a one day show. I don't think really Really throws anybody for a loop. It's it's something that we've sort of done in the past In a similar capacity but the weirdest thing is just yeah at at that point of the year. We were three quarters away this even when it happened last time this is going to be everybody's first race since Laguna last September. So there's definitely going to be a little bit of You know more cobwebs do To brush off. And I think everybody's going to have to understand and got to go to play a little smarter. Play a little safer you know. I said we're not three quarters of the way through the season we're just starting off and so there's there's no reason to make silly moves into to push too hard too fast Hopefully still going to be a long season and lots of racing involves but it's easy to get things wrong you know trying to trying to rush at all by Going to two quick for sure. That's that was. My thought was okay to our practice before is good but what happens if somebody in your Craxi suspension piece. Do they have enough time? And do they have enough people to fix a car in a couple of hours to get running again? It all depends. You know it all depends on On how big the head is in compared to team is. But you know we've had. We've had days of a of a race weekend. I duNNo. We'll rain that led to qualifying before the race on the same day. And so it's that's not at all Situation that we're not used to you know indycar. Has You know sort of guidelines in terms of how much time minimum they give teams in between sessions in case of something like that and I think all that still being followed so I think it'll be fine awesome so last Texas based question. I don't know how much testing you've personally had with the new era screen. Is there any concern with the new? Just not being familiar with its characteristics. Ana Race track before Texas you know. I don't think I don't think it's concern about about you know characteristics. I'll remember praise. Allah concerns the right word. You know I think that every driver and especially in every engineer is the is dying to have more testing and a waste. They were able to come a little bit more prepared but the end of the day is pretty much the same for everyone. You know the work all did a test day at Texas after the CODA Open test so we know the cars have run on track with screen and and there wasn't any problems you know at that task Unfortunately no enter any cars royal the runabout one because all of our guys are Knock classified as rookies but they It's the same sort of scenario for everyone you know and I think it's I think it's GonNa be interesting to see how team sort of handle the task. And I can certainly going to speak to the level of simulation that each team has available to them and and what we roll off with on On I practice and the morning awesome so we will switch gears here slowly after a couple years away from Andrea. You're you're back into stable. There does that help your confidence going into Texas knowing the team knowing some of the guys that are there and kind of being familiar with how things are typically run it Andretti. It does for sure you know if I was if I was walking into an organization I never worked with. I would certainly be a little more apprehensive and maybe a little bit more work to do in in ingratiate myself to the team. But there's a lot of familiar faces. There are a lot of people that I worked with. You know in mice than at Andretti back in twelve to fourteen and And that does definitely. GimMe a degree of confidence. The the tricky part is you know as I was supposed to be heading into my first race at the GP last weekend we were already forays into the season. And I would have been in all those races. I would have been Attending engineering briefings. Really getting myself back up to speed with the procedural things that happened at Andretti. Go through thing you know. Then it's been five years since they're so there's there's Definitely some things that have changed and it's grown quite a bit since since I last ran there and so it would have been really nice to have at least a little bit of an understanding of you. Know some of their protocols and procedures and sometimes sorta you know sleep on that stuff to let him marinade. Now we're going to be talking about it all shop for the first time. I actually see it and it's going to be the first time doing it so that that part's a little bit a little bit tougher but at the end of the day you know we gotta get in and do the best job that we can make sense so switching gears here slaley. This is a fan question. We saw Joseph new gardens extreme artistic skills on social media. Yeah I mean it's it's really amazing. It's actually still better than I would do. But nonetheless has James Cliff picked up any new quarantine hobbies you know so I I swore to myself by the time it was all done. I wanted to be able to juggle. I have I have yet to start practicing. So I'm I'm definitely not on a on a positive stretch there but then the other thing that I I've taken up trying to pick up his Spanish I've been on. Oh I've been on duo lingo for A little bit every day trying to learn a little bit of Spanish. So we'll see how long see how well that holds up. When we get back more I love it so on a similar note you you alex and Sam all appeared on a podcast called whiskey cast that a couple years ago. I was a guest on so I wanted to know since then have found any new whiskey or bourbons that that really caught your eye Honestly what's interesting about quarantine is you're not there shopping and And trying As much bourbon as you are in so So no I think the short answer. I've I've been. I've been plowing through the stock pile of that. I had for corn team starting and it's much much more difficult in Pennsylvania to get anything right now other than what you can get at the local brewery because all of these state run liquor. Stores are closed. So that's all a challenge. I've actually asked mark at Whiskey. Cast a couple of times. What do I do so? And he doesn't really have a very good answer for me because there is no good answer. Did you get one of the fancy whiskey Whiskey cast Gla- tasting glasses. Yeah yeah he sent through a bunch of them so we've got a a bunch of nyc grandparent's now to add to the collection awesome so another question that typically just would ask unfortunately. She had to go to work early so she she couldn't join us. You pick three guests to bring dinner whether they're still with us or not. Who would your three guests be great? Great Question Well I WANNA have dinner with Greg more. You know. I never got the chance to really get to know my hero and it sucks because I've become such good friends with Dario. Tk and guide that were really tight with them So would have been would have been cool to get to know. This is Greg Dinner I would like to have Seth Macfarlane because I think he's going to the funniest guys out there and be it'd be cool to have You know have dinner at a bourbon with him and Last.

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