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Nineteen sixty three Joe there was a hit song called meet me at midnight Mary I'm not sure of that song was written for our next caller but it could have been cheese from Essex Ontario it's a question regarding our front load washer from Mary good morning Mary thanks for calling in this morning how may we help you morning Joe I'm really happy to call you this morning because I don't have a problem anymore but what I had with my front load washer with it leaking and it started as a very small little league that I would just wake up at the end of the cycle and turned out just a constant link where I had to keep a towel under the washer and ring it out at the end of the cycle it was just over it was just so much water leaking and we looked it up online and it was quite an ordeal to change that rubber seal then I remembered what you told people to do with the rapper seal around their refrigerator I took the blow dryer to the rubber seal of the door and worked at it for a couple of minutes and that was two months ago and I've never had a leak since so now you're teaching me some you are okay and I'm proud to say that this is the first time I've ever even thought about putting a hair dryer to a rubber door seal on the front load washing machine and you did it and you proved it successful and so it's a little tip that you're giving me and all of our listeners this morning which I will not forget to mention down the road how nice of you all right merry thank you very much for joining us this Sunday morning and again you've just done a great thing for others in the world of appliance repair Donald we got that bass listeners like this caller from Sylvania Ohio this is regarding as de humidifier this is Ron good morning Ron thanks for calling and how may we help you Joe this is bronze over in your home with a soul you don't log into amateur hockey center how are you hundred percent thank you I've got a I've got a portable Roper unifier by whirlpool was probably fifteen years old it's worked fine up until this year and I turn on the blower works you can you're on everything but nothing is do you multiplying not even a little bit of moisture coming out of it so just a suggestion on what I can do or in order to complete Sloan you know insulin what do you think can you hear the compressor running or if you touch the compressor is it hot to touch no Sir the temperature I don't think is running I think I hear the blower yeah I don't I don't hear the compressor gone all right so I would go to the control that has a couple of wires together and put them together and bypass the control the you made the stats so to speak okay I'd I'd start there and if you bypass the controlling the compressor comes on you know the little controllers that okay now the other thing that is on the compressor is the overload and relay as simply that connects right on to the compressor you got wires going to it and that could be defective okay and then the last thing that is defective is the compressor itself yeah that certainly is not worth any repairs at this point time to junk it okay yes very helpful now tell me about a month tam o'shanter hockey school work it came as generators of so many years so that the hockey center it's where they all train all the kids in the park area we've got a great hockey program Northview high school in high schools around here so they all thank you Sir and got some of the wall I did not actually work with them over there train so it's it's a nice local area to train for the kia I've heard about it too yeah all right on my look loner walleye and the red wings funny thank you Sir very much take care click here by the by got a nice lady from Brighton Colin now Joe she's got a question regarding a washing machine this is Dale hello Dale thanks for calling and how may we help you well hello Joe it's been a long long time it has you forget about me well no no I remember you well I must say okay in addition to being the loving man I am to my Darling Valerie that you know now we have been very close for many years many years and I missed your concern moved you moved well Gail it's nice of you to call how may we help you this morning okay so I have speed queen washing machine about ten years old last year I contacted the queen because the net has rocked it everywhere construct in the in the wash all they were very good about it because I was persistent and they sent me and do that but I don't have the parts to put it in their own little round thank the clips on each side of the old lead they got well like it's like a long key type thing and I can't find does anywhere to.

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