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Heat come on what else does he have to do to get that respect so we are worth pointing to be abs absolutely logan logano it's tremendous film that i have told people out and recommended to people even if they're and they're like literally brought to the experts movies who cares it doesn't matter it really does not know who will verena's yet you wolverine is and you'd like movies that are very similar to old school westerns and everything just go so that one uh and then my last honorable mention step or you have three now you know i should also step the documentary about baltimore high school girls in a step competition absolutely loved within grom unfortunately again this one kinda got buried because there were so many documentaries that came out yup after this one i did happen every year on and it is a shame now the good thing was step though is that it got picked up for streaming real quick yup so if you are flying on like a domestic flight like it is on i think united amanda lipids the director i was talking to her recently and yet she put up a picture of her flying samarn was on little tv so see that's awesome this is very easily accessible so it might not win awards actually it is not going to 30 announced the documentary short list the upper oscars but absolutely go see c step it's just a joy and a sometimes we need that um we definitely need it this year and it's it's just a beautiful film and it's streaming in more places i think than than we could probably name at this yet so it's pretty easy to see him i mean it like i said it fortunately got picked up the up really quickly was funny as i was talking to them so i was like oh you know maybe you can send me a a dvd you know so i can do is give away and this is months ago and there are like.

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