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AP's Karen Shammas reports. The aim is to replace Theresa May as prime minister by the last week of July nominations to the next leader, Claes on the tenth of gene Sipho eleven candidates are in the running lawmakers will hold about. It's on the thirteenth fifteen and candidates who do not get at least five percent of the votes will subsequent need. Joe pouts tho the rounds will be held on the eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth scene with the least popular candidate dropping out each time, the final two candidates will be put to a postal ballots of about one hundred sixty thousand conservative members with the winner announced the week of the twenty seconds, Cantamessa London. He leads today's birthday round up and stars in a series about a doctor obsessed with near death experiences. Jason ISAACs of the says he's pleased with its unexpected success. Sprinting fix lost you that whole advertising campaign without and they went you know what? Let's just put it on the seven, that we'll find it and it became this huge could be huge a huge culture. I'm stopped in the street all the time is six on the today show. He's fifty six showtimes, acclaim series, billions was just renewed for a fifth season, starring Paul Giamatti complete with facial hair this guy. I felt like I needed to look a little bit more intense a little bit more masculine yet. So I grew up here. Just my face definition without at my face. Just looks like a soccer ball g on late night with Seth Meyers, he's fifty two and actress Sandra Bernhardt has guest starred in the FX series, pose, and returns as a regular starting next month. She plays nurse on the program, which is set in nineteen ninety during the HIV aids crisis. You think I want to do something to make these people feel more comfortable when they're on their way out? We are understaffed and overworked miss things, Bernhardt, sixty four and that's our birthday round up for June sixth. I'm Bob Kessler optimism, even as there is no deal yet then President Trump's threatened tariffs. I'm Tim Maguire, the AP news minute, vice President, Mike Pence, secretary of state. Mike Pompeo no, the Trump administration officials have wrapped up their first meeting with Mexico's foreign secretary Marcela. Brad head of President Trump's threatened terrace. It brought tells reporters at the Mexican embassy in Washington. He's confident an agreement can be reached as talks continue from where we are going to the tux. So does hope to me. Trump is demanding Mexico. Do more about tailing the influx of migrants at the border last month, someone under thirty three thousand people cross the border into the US many them families from Central America centers for disease control and prevention says this year's measles outbreak has topped one thousand cases, the highest in twenty seven years, ten years ago, there are fewer than one hundred cases.

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