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Up the next morning, and I got to go down to ground zero. So I'm driving down there. I'm on be the Brooklyn queens expressway. And I'm going. Toys. Bridge. Guess what the bridges are closed, and I saw a car going over the bridge. With two wins behind it. I said I'm going to give it a shot, and I drove between the cones, and they went on a bridge over to the other side doing nobody knows nobody was dead. Everything was grey. And I went over to the house watch at fifty five engine. I told him I'm going down to ground zero. And they said, well, good luck. All right. Good luck about. Anyway, the police department. They don't wind up on a perimeter all around Brown jerem. I said I gotta get into you know, and I showed him my badge. They let me and and then the guy said to me, good luck. So I went down about a block or two. And then I see the national guard. They wanna perimeter also. And they said we don't care that you appointment, but you're not getting in so fast. And I talked my way in. I was at that perimeter. I don't know how anyone could have talked them selves through that line. How did you do it? I told a little I told them. I I missed a rig and going to get in trouble. If I didn't get in and bought it. Wow. Wow. Okay. So you're so you're there you snuck across the bridge on Yahoo. Then you you you cynic across the barrier with national guard. Right. And then what happens, and then I came into ground zero. And I tell you what way was.

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