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30. Passengers had pulled off the river Wednesday. Forecasters had issued a flash flood warning for the area. But it's not clear if the rafting guides knew about it. We're going to go back to the five in Sun Valley. You know the reason why on both directions of the five In Sun Valley coming up on Sunland Boulevard had been closed is because they thought that there was a jumper on the overpass, but I just checked in with the CHP. They believe that that person is now walking along the right shoulder. So on fire department was out there, you know, with those big inflatable love. I don't know what they're called Deborah, but the things that people can jump onto just in case you know, they need to catch somebody. They're shutting down right now, and they're reopening southbound lanes, but they're still holding north beyond lanes. And the delays are just a huge mess in this area. Dortmund out of Burbank from just about olive southbound from the 1 18. Let's check in with Michael Brian K. F Eye in the Sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com just over Anaheim Hills had that only one West found already very heavy, now loading up just before Imperial Highway That stuff over to the 55 even worse, of course, on the eastbound 91 that loads up almost the exact same five just a little past imperial highway. You load up there, and that's going to be heavy over to Green River and then once again looks like for Main Street through the 15 into Corona. I'm heading out towards the 65. We've got a couple of problems there. 65 Heart bounded Firestone a little before the five interchange looks like the car pool and two left lanes are blocked. So that's extremely tight back to a laundry, and it looks like more You're slowing a little choppy stuff through wittier South 65 right around the five. They cleared it put in earlier problem that's still very heavy from Pack Road entered in an accident visit Superwoman super Lawyer. Com Mike O'Brien, KF high in the sky. This hour That John and Ken Show is brought to you by a I s.

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