Michael Cohen, Laurie Levenson, CBS discussed on Mark Levin


Go sleep AM, seven sixteen KF. CBS news update saying he recently gained access to a hard drive containing millions of files that could have significant value to congressional investigators attorneys for Michael Cohen, President Trump's for her attorney urged thirties to reduce or at least a lay is three year prison sentence set to begin next month. Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University. Michael Cohen has already been criticized for gaming the system, he's ping pong from side. The side ranging is good deal as he can get. But he's also been daisy chaining these delays to keep out of prison at some points gets old. He has a sentence to serve Laurie Levenson is a law professor at Loyola University. Michael Cohen is really fairly desperate to not report to prison. He'd rather spend his time cooperating with congress and giving them the new information in new records than he would be reporting to president spending this time, they're CBS news update. Amassed piper. A scary ride. I'm Ed MacKay. That's one of the stories. We're following AM. Seven sixty three students suffered minor injuries this morning when the school bus. They were riding in swerved stop suddenly to avoid a car that pulled in front of it near the intersection of Bancroft driving hilly street in spring valley telephone bomb threat to a grocery store at a lakeside shopping centre this morning prompted an hour long evacuation of the center police showed up but didn't find anything San Diego County treasurer tax collector. Dan, McAllister reminded you and me today to pay the second installment of our property taxes by April tenth to avoid late fees. Property owners can pay online at the treasurer.

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