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Six days before the election. President Donald Trump made two stops in our state one in Bullhead City, the second in Goodyear. During his event in Goodyear, the president rallied supporters and announced a new plan that he says will help Latinos across the U. S. The American Dream plan will bring more than two million new jobs to Hispanic communities create over half a billion new Hispanic owned small businesses. He went on to say the planet will also increase access to capital and expand opportunities for federal contracting. He says that the loss of her body permanent solution to beneficiaries of the DACA program Gabriel Dominion, Katie Our news vice presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was back in our state today, speaking in front of dozens of cars that were socially distanced. Paris criticized President Trump's handling of the Corona virus pandemic and highlighted its effect on our stay here in Arizona, one and nine families could not pay their rent are worried about being able to pay their rent next month. Here in Arizona, one and four small businesses have gone out of business. This was her second trip to Arizona. This election cycle. The first time was about three weeks ago when she came here with Joe Biden. Vice President Mike Pence's coming back to Arizona to campaign before Election Day. He'll be here on Friday for make America great again. Rallies in Flagstaff at 11 30, another in Tucson at 2, P.m.. And now for a check on traffic. Here's Larry Lewis. He's live in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic center. Yeah, Debra and we're dealing with crash activities Still on the loose. 101 South founded the 60. They're off on the right shoulder than on the 60 itself. Eastbound approaching stately, Gotta crash blocking up that right auxiliary lane. 10 westbound near Citrus crash off right, causing delays and camelbak close for you. Eastbound between 50 50 51st Avenues do a wreck with Indian school or Bethany home. Instead, this report's right. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration trains appear to be further away and moving more slowly than they are. If the signals are on the train is on its way. And remember one thing stop trains can a message brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety.

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