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HA mass. By the way, gotta come credit for that. The raise they're gonna catch the Yankees. His bowl prediction was that they were going to make the catch the Mariners as their games back at me. I didn't. I think Oakland, Mike catch Houston. Now that's she believe what those rotations that they're gonna do that. Can you believe in Luke standings? Yeah, I'm using this kind of messing around here and now they have a lot of bad PR at, but ultimately, like they're only five games up. I mean, everybody seems to think they're washing is going to win the NFL east. They're gonna pass the brazen in the Phillies relevant. Oh, yeah. Oh, I don't think many people are thinking that now at all. I think everybody like I can't find anybody who thinks the Phillies the praise going to beat the nationals. I mean, I don't know what like zips numbers, say or like percentages on perspective. But I, I think the Braves have got that division. Now I love that Kevin guy. You mentioned Kevin Gosper. I love the Kevin. GAAS move. Come on brave. Braves, Roach a pretty good team. They made some nice pickups and they didn't give premium prospects. You have nothing. Okay. Playoff odds Phillies fifty, seven nationals forty-four Braves. Thirty three. Why do you so much Tristan? I mean, I think they're gonna finish third in Washington. My catch the Phillies. Yeah, anyway, worrying point too. By the way. Oh, come on the reason fourteen in the Yankees. Breezy get. No, it's it's more that give the raise credit for what they have done this year. They're over five hundred that roster. You're talking to second Walker worse. All right. I just wanted to all right. What are we talking about here? All right, Alex would coming off five and two-thirds innings of one hundred ball against Tristan's overrated Braves to seventy three era in ally can be elites using them against Houston that Houston's lineup is missing their middle infield and Springer's heart now come on. Yeah, it it is. The other thing too is that Alex woods pitch quite a bit better. The the thing that bothers me in this matchup and why. You know if I have any sort of cap going on here, all fade, Alex Boyd is just the Kayes aren't there. The the command numbers aren't as sharpest home with them. Annabel Sanchez on Friday night at the Mets. You're gonna want him. There people leave. We aren't by the way he's he's rostered I think now in about fifty percent of you pitching really well, and it's changing by the remarkable Gonzales still pitching well, he's at home against Toronto and Friday. Those guys are gonna want to stream their Saturday. We'll the got ESPN plus the late game. It's Marco Estrada who you don't want against James Paxton, who you do one. I moved Paxton up in my rankings in part because I kept. Opping other pitchers across Martinez had to leave my top twenty. I mean, that's ridiculous. He's back on the DL. There were a bunch of other pitchers. I was just like, I'm tired of way like Strasbourg. I mean how how long away for Strasbourg might not be back in August. You know, I mean, I just have. I don't want to say I've had enough the moves up. He also had a good game against Houston, and that included very good command numbers. What else on Saturday, Freddie parole wins? Debut. I give me a thirty second on why you all of a sudden like him. Now all all of a sudden it's like, you don't even know me. Well, I mean, I mean, how much do we gotta go through on Kevin Gosden for the last five years before we say enough. Yeah, I understand it. I mean, I'm not. I'm not driving the bandwagon here. I'm like mounted on the front hood or whatever of this bandwagon. The weirdest thing I know I do. I tweeted out the gospel in numbers in terms of the the performance within the division in the AL east, and then outside of it this year and it was pretty wide now. It's not so much that for his career. But frankly, I think getting out of that situation where it's been pretty rough from a bad ballpark like that getting into the National League east which was going to give them a greater volume of good matchups. I think that's going to definitely work well..

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