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That a lot of schools got a lot of shooting threats so my school did and so i was really scared at school and so i had all these emotions and i didn't know how to deal with them and so planning this was my way of kind of dealing with my emotions but also coping with them zoe benjamin junior at french american international high school in san francisco tells me why they're lobbying for stricter gun laws like there are so many people who are able to vote and don't and we're we're not able to and so we've all it was really important to be able to find another way to find that voice the student leaders have organized their peers into lobbying groups when they get to sacramento they'll split up and head to offices all over the capitol dome meet with lawmakers share personal stories and advocate for a series of gun control bills pending in the legislature among them ab three it would raise the age for buying rifles and shotguns from eighteen to twenty one it was introduced by bay area assembly member rob bonte bonte says these in person meetings really do make a difference as legislators when you can sit in a room what i want in hear someone story there's almost nothing more powerful to help inform your your actions your legistlation and when when it's this message this particular message which is adults you're failing us we're dying do something to make us safer i mean doesn't get more powerful than that ruby and the others aren't expecting change overnight they see this trip as a learning experience a chance to build some political muscle they see the real goal is building a network of students who will advocate for themselves long into the future i'm vanessa franken you take you we d news ever heard of techno you tokenism that's the belief that technology inherently makes the world a better place and it's a big part of silicon valley's dna but it's getting some heat engineers are speaking out criticizing things like social media echo chambers widespread personal data collection and the promotion of conspiracy theories like this one on youtube there are some facts about vaccines that the mainstream media isn't telling you but that's not going to snow on x youtube worker has made it his mission to show how.

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