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We move into that that weekend that A national holiday tomorrow, of course, Independence Independence Day itself. Celebrating July 4th as the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What You plan to Dio you? You commemorate Thie. The holiday based upon what really took place on that day. Has become a good day for barbecues and whatever may be trips to the beach normally parades all of which you're good, but you think about what it is that we celebrate. And is it an interesting time to juxtapose? The true revolution. Versus what we have see happen to see occurring in our streets today across the nation and the feckless response to it. On the part of people who are in coveted positions. Where they represent our best interest and have an obligation to push back on lawlessness. Are you troubled by that? Let's get your calls. 808 34 15 30. And what a text in on the text and only line it's 51881 Remember to start your message with the letters KFBK. Let's get to full sum sum. Sorry, Sacramento and check in with Nicole Cole. Good afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on. Hi there hear you talking like you are. Thank you. Thank you very much. I love the fourth until I was born in 1951 was cramped and I loved everything about it. We definitely revisit The things that were going on a lot of the bio biography, things of that I'm lying. We watched 17 76 play John Philip Sousa. Can absolutely very patriotic. I don't know what happened, but I think public schools You know, not promoted our independence the way they should. I used to be a public school. Well, actually, I was independent studies sold. It'll teacher so I know that those homeschool have pulled that message into their studies for their Children. But I'm appalled at you. The pulling down the statues and tell me if I'd been president, they would have had to put up with me because I would have been well is interesting because they're there have been circumstances where people took him on. And not armed. Ahh, train people that are paid to do that, But ordinary people took them on and what happened in the cases that I've had a chance to see. Was they scattered like cockroaches? And so I think that speaks a little bit to their their spine. They're great if you will the people involved in the lawlessness. But what about the obligation on the part of our elected leaders and people appointed to critical positions in office to Ah to to react to that kind of lawlessness? And restore our fundamental rights. What air you disappointed in what you're saying? Extremely disappointed and everybody in the house. I think they should just clear the house. I think it's it's extraordinary and people have a legitimate Then I don't need to say legitimate. I want qualified. If they have a complaint about a statue or a monument, there is a method through which efforts can be made to reach consensus are due process to change that. But I think it's worthy of some study. By the way, you look at the 56 people who signed the declaration of Independence, and I know one of them. That was perfect, not a one. But they made extraordinary contributions to this country. The freedom the liberty that we enjoy today. The self governance that we enjoy today. But I will say this. I think it's ah think is somewhat Precarious in terms of the the raw ability to be able to rely on this our system of governance our system of of life into the future unless we take a stand And I do have very, very serious concerns about the feckless attitude that we're seeing from people who who have an obligation to engage and do something about it that call. I appreciate the call very much, and I wish you a very happy Independence Day. But squeeze orange from Folsom in Oran. Good afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on. John, I appreciate that. You have me. I am a 25 year.

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