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Your apps every seems like two weeks. I'd have to update my up <hes> to this assistant model that what it's doing things on your behalf and is a company or developer. You're you're really writing to the platform and and this assistant is kind of interceding in that that's how he explained it in. That's Kinda degree. That's the first time I heard somebody express arrested that way but yeah absolutely yeah so every ten years you haven't user interface change in our latest. One is voice as an interface but also the voice assistance is platforms in so that that is important and I'll say this one last thing in closing about that interview with Adam that stuck with me he worked with his mentor was a gentleman that had actually rolled out a lot of concepts. He was the inventor of the mouse and all these other things he'd rolled out some things and <hes> nine hundred sixty eight that that he thought would be adopted in five years <hes> twenty years later they started to come about he had a conversation he remembers sitting down in Nineteen Ninety nine when the web was taking off in looking at a video interview of his mentor who people are asking why wire hyperlinked multimedia taking off you know the way you thought it would interconnected on the Internet and the ten years later it in one thousand nine hundred eighty didn't know why Jesus seemed like such a good idea. Why aren't people doing it? Well just it took a while later in just talking about that and so twenty five years and I said so what have you learned in one of the things he said is I've learned patients the light of these things if the right idea will come through and I think when we're in the midst of it and and we see where this is going you know whether it's the intelligence amplifier or security or on device processing all those things we can see that that's the right thing to happen but it might take a while <hes> and sometimes as a technical barrier sometimes it's just adoption and people are busy with other things but eventually they get around to it so I that's a that's a great episode. There's a lot of really good ones. I'm I'm glad we talked about this. I don't know how many we talked about your prior fifteen or more. Maybe twenty twenty two but we we've gone way over time. You guys have been so kind about this <hes> Amy why don't you tell the voice about listeners how they can keep track of you and check out the work that you're doing yeah you can follow me on the Taliban's website <unk> dot com or on twitter at I am at talks to bots and you can also check us out on instagram at Tel lables excellent Pete Yeah pitas dot com twitter conversation <unk> curve dot Com is by agency where do some development and I'll be speaking of voice <hes> Voice Summit next month I think along with Damian insult and David Camp sure you can find me on twitter at oak tree underscore and David Camp sure you can find me on twitter at oak tree underscore Dave's <hes> you can also check out my blog future ear dot co <hes> yeah looking forward to meeting Pete at a the voice summit seen Amy Umbrella Gin Seniors at Boy Summit all K- that is great <hes> thank you so much <hes> Dave Pete Namie and thank you voiced by listeners those of you who stuck around listened all the way to the end. We got some great content in there in the last fifteen minutes so you were richly rewarded for that you can follow me on twitter at Brechin Sela. Check out what we're doing at voiced by that day I and if you really want to know what's going on in the industry. If you really want to know what's important what the people were the insiders care about uh subscribed voice insider. You can just go to voice about that A._I.. Force last insider you'll find out more information there that is subscription newsletter in it's stuff that you just not gonna see elsewhere so check that out. Thank you once again David Pete and amy.

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