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And that's kind of a mindset shift, especially if the women I work with they have ten fifteen twenty years of yo yo dieting, even we were having that conversation before we started. Yeah, we were just talking about intermittent fasting and the American breakfast, and it's certainly people need educated on these things and for a lot of people. It's like, well, if I just lose the twenty pounds, I'm good. And then they stop all the work. They stopped the discipline of God him there. And it's like, well, no, this is your now educating educating yourself and your body on what you're going to need to maintain this. And so, yeah, there's going to getting them up to speed on how that's going to happen. And I think we when we're seeing results we're gonna do is forever. She'll so good. I'm losing weight if feel late, but then you actually have to ask yourself do. I even like these foods like some of the questions, we don't ask. Can I see myself ten years from now eating six times a day seven times a day not taking? Vacation because I'm scared of what food I'm going to be exposed to you have to ask yourself like longevity wise is this possible. And I think sometimes we don't we just like the way it feels that. We don't actually ask ourselves. Can I see myself doing this forever? And so that's kind of the hint of okay? Is this going to be sustainable, and you you might loose lower. You might transform your body at a slower pace, but you know, the year from now anyway that you do lose you're going to have you're going to it's going to be off forever. It's a lifestyle Yash, and I kinda hate that term because it's been so overused like just change your lifestyle habit changed. But that really is. It's not sexy. What sexy is the twenty one day detox on the seven day jump starts in like those kind of things and it's fine. But I think we all I think you have to go extreme a little bit before you come back to the middle. And that's going to help people do obviously your lifestyle up to that point the decision to lose weight has led to this problem in the first place. So you're going to have to undo those bad habits and start to build better relationships and better decision making processes to handle all these things because let's be honest who wants to live a life of chicken and broccoli. And not traveling. Right. You want to be able to enjoy your life to the process. Now..

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