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Full Actually began by I'm not going to get into how. This thing started let's not forget the HAMAs bears ultimate responsibility for the dire humanitarian, situation in Gaza and it's a tremendous concern of ours Yeah that that deal reached by Egypt and. Others HAMAs said Egypt would continue efforts to broker a long, term, ceasefire HAMAs wants, an end to a decade long Israeli-Egyptian border blockade as a condition for any. Long term deal we have not heard from Israel on that ceasefire this morning I if we do we will obviously bring it to, you live right here on America's First News. We're monitoring some. Breaking news out of eastern Canada city there Fredericton to be, exact police in the. Eastern city there of New Brunswick say at least four people have been killed after, a shooting police are asking residents to avoid the area and hunker. Down, stay, inside their, homes the. Circumstances of the shooting are unclear at this point when. We have more details we will bring them to you right here on America's First, News well finally this morning some memory Rabiya from the icon Marilyn Monroe are going up for. Auction this morning dresses and an autographed photo thanking the executive who launched her career but they'll be on display. Before going to auction the sale will be conducted by profiles, in, history but before, they're put up for bids they'll be put up for looks in Beverly Hills. Starting August eighteenth among them the photo she signed for Twentieth Century Fox exact Ben Lyon thanking him for believing in her when nobody, else did it was taken to the filming. Of the seven. Year each that's the nineteen fifty-five movie that provided the iconic, lasting image of Monroe. Standing over a subway great and holding down her white dress more breaking news on, the way on this Friday morning it's the tenth day of August. You're, listening, to America's, First.

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