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You're in New York. What kind of household are we talking about here? We small family. I was pretty much an only child grew up in a small apartment in Forest Hills queens. I do have an older half brother from my dad's first marriage, but and we're friends but I didn't grow up with him. He was older than me already. And so as very much an only child obsessed with television obsessed with MTV this was, like, you know, late eighties, early nineties always obsessed with pop culture, and the entertainment industry and all of it. And when I was around five or six it turned out, I had a really good singing voice. I didn't know that. Yes. William in the fucking Lion King. I know that. But a lot of people with a bad singing voice manage to get themselves into these. That's true. But you Jim it in like Merrill. Okay. I break deal out of the Merrill. I'm sorry ditch and you're back in it. So Merrill, can sing actually. Yeah. She doesn't all too well, see maybe it's overdubbed who can say. My point is you find out, you have a great singing. And what kind of singing voice like Stu, I have kind of like a musical, theater Broadway voice, and my and I love Broadway shows, and my parents, loved Broadway and off Broadway. And luckily I grew up in New York City, and we weren't rich, but I was an only child, and they had some money. And so we would go see shows. We'd go see a fair amount of Broadway shows, and then I start to buy albums and, and really get into Broadway, and I started taking voice lessons with some Broadway singing coach, and I never ended up doing that, but it was what my main focus was, and I went to north western I was a theater, major. I did a ton of musicals and plays to, but I wasn't focused on comedy so much until after college, it's kind of like a late bloomer in terms of the comedy scene. But you must have been funny around your friends. I was funny around my friends, I was funny in plays. I would do things like. We'd be doing some Neil Simon play, and I would add lines to it, which you're not supposed to, like, ad-lib is if I was doing his show, sprite citizens takes real ball with, like your show that had one light, you know, the fuel it's fries drama. And I was like, I'm going to throw in a couple of jokes here, I'm gonna fix this. Shows not working fix it. Exactly how much of the couple works. Yeah. And so I would throw in lines and the audience would like those lines. And so I thought, oh, you know, I'm funny, people would say, I'm funny, but I never thought about stand up north western had and has a huge improv scene. Kristen Schaal, and I were in school together and Josh Meyers and a lot of comedy folks that went on to become very successful, but they were all in the improv scene. Northwestern, I would go see it, but I wouldn't participate. That's interesting. Yeah. Did you ever get into doing improv? I ended up once I got back to New York. I went through all the classes at upright citizens brigade. I did kind of experiment with stand up a little bit in New York. And then eventually started writing my own show, which was like alive sort of talk variety show, which I call creation, which I with a friend of mine, and that's where the Billy on the street. Video started what you did is you did. Essentially, what I always wanted to do. And I think did do it the same degree which is create your own world, right, creative world. Yeah. And so you created a world where you have the entire city of New York, you're conducting it, you're running around. You're putting it together. And it is, you've set the pace and the tempo and style of comedy and their pawns in a way. I mean you're, you're using them and they have great terrific reactions. And sometimes they're very funny in their own, right? But it's your world and welcome to it, which exactly at an it's kind of like a take it or leave it situation. And you know, not to get on. I didn't intend for this to get so serious. But. You know, especially when I was starting out, and even when Billy on the street that TV show started. They're just America has not been that.

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