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Do something where the torso would lean into that if itself in such a way that it's actually potentiating the opposite side of the Body a little bit more making connection with that lower lab and then depending on. For spreading the Florida or seed or something like that. It's also going to help basically just united connect the body in a way where the fascist fully integrated. For example, let's corrective exercise that David wet I learned from him just to give credit where it's due. So he actually has that one believe up somewhere on his website, Iguana want to check it out. On my own and that that corrective to performance continuum. Yeah. I've actually been thinking of David Wests coiling I've been coming back to those recently I was trying to clear out those a little bit with. I was out if you call it going full bashes the term like when you get the water bags and doing all this I mean. So before I found the gym I'm working out at I was just doing some. Water bag like coiling lunges in the basement which. Should just use the medicine ball I. Don't have one I have a water bag I'm trying to these coiling lunches and but the the fact is is pretty cool. It's very challenging and you're really and what got me back and thinking about the coiling lunch because I know David had said how big of a fan he was of it on this podcast a while ago and and I remember immediately after that podcast going willing lunges and things like that and I think it's great I think for some reason sometimes you start doing stuff and then you kind of forget about it but I came back to it because I've been really into Gary wards stuff and specifically his caguas. which cog and Rocky Snyder I guess I've been spending time with Rocky Snyder in Santa, Cruz to and the cognition like it's like two wheels I believe are to the cogs on a like a clock. Clock wheels and they it's thinking about the body going all the way through its range of motion in not just the Satchel but also like the transverse plane or the frontal plane. And so doing a lines where the knee comes towards the mid line a little bit over the big toe, and then maybe you rotate the torso to counterbalance that knee going and so it's kind of like George opposition all the way up the chain where it's like the knee might be going in a little bit and then the lumbar spine is going of going like maybe the opposite way the ribs are going the opposite way and then the shoulders rotating the opposite way, and so this goes all the way up the chain that can almost go anywhere from the corrective all the way up to the performance driven side of things. So as just mean it's Described bigoted on air and that's not easy to do. But his anyways just should just say. Just, doing lunch with a Koi like with a really coiling up, and there's a lot to be said just in in that and just taking it to something. That's really simple like a lunch or any sort of split position or any sort gate gate related or couldn't say like a crawl like a lizard crawl rate like anything like that. I think there's a lot of power in there and you you usually can tell someone who? Has Been doing a ton of bilateral lifting and has gotten stuck in that. Just have them. Do like a lizard crawl with there needs to be separation of the ribs on the floor and there just isn't much happening there. So. Hey I get stuff that it's hard to describe trying to skype coiling in joint movements on air or on the radio. It's not necessarily easy but. I, hope I'm not over complicating I. Think we probably both agree on the the thing that's easy. Describe is just do a line June. Then shortening the soldier and the HIP and the one side and coiling up and then going the other. Yeah and that would be a way in which you could then take a traditional exercise and do it in a way where you fully integrate the body and that's why I think like. Probably is some level of. Nixed bags of results when Brandon Cory Schlesinger said it on all favorites podcast but I forgot who told him but he basically said if the movements of the Lewis you're prescribing not if those lists are not the ones that the best athletes you have are the best hitting..

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