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Can. Sometimes I feel like a bag of shit myself because all have like a water bottle next to my bed, I do. That now. About keeping that around, just cases I wake up with. My mouth. One glorious thing about Indiana that I have found that I did not happen in Pittsburgh. The restaurants that give out cups I don't know where they came from and stuff like that, but stack pickle recipes are banning a couple other like restaurants that give cops through these large short plastic. Honest. Unfortunately did not. Survive all all of whom awful. Oh No! How did I miss that? Great Philly G. L.. These awesome. They, hold like twenty to thirty ice cubes and still have a lot of room for Water Oh. Yeah Oh. Yeah, that's why I'm surprised. You don't use ice before you go to bed, so you wake up when it's cold. I mean. Here's the thing about the new place. Right see about our. No, no I is, machine may not work. With the whole fridge itself places a dump. It's not connected to the waterline. Connected it. Well I don't know where they actual line goes. A lot of work is it is a lot of work. I'm not going to just walk. Go pull the fridge out and try to find his line. That may not even be. There may not even exist, but so everything in the in the freezer, and now is just like there's like a water residue going in there, and it's freezing everything so there is a waterline there is. It's a little bit of water trace. No, no, no, it's I. Don't know how to explain this. Though. There's a frost in the fridge you. Know No, no way. I'm saying. The sage in this freezer. The. Not, make it throughout the turn down I did. Share the door seal we. Down to seven. It was that ten. Yeah, you can't have that. What was really presets? Are things just have like A. it's just like The coldest is in the middle, and there's just these bars that are basically build up. There's not like numbers trying to like there's no way to judge. What the actual temperature of there is no temperature. Yeah, there's no temperature. There's just like these bars. Oh, you want to fill it up and make it as cold as possible or do you WanNa. Drop it down a little. Make it cool well. Why don't you give it some God damn number. DECIDE WHAT I Read fucking hieroglyphics exactly I don't know the system at this thing. Where is it ten degrees per bar? Work like boxes are frozen together at this point. I've been eating wings for dinner. Just like frozen wings for from Kroger I had to take this bag wings out of the freezer yesterday I opened it I reached my hand into. pull out one all fucking fifteen of them come up. Back into the back. Stop them back. And I took the bag on start bashing the side of counter right next to the dropping like a bag ice. What did drop it open nothing. That's when I just took. The took them back when it was almost like a mace started bashing. ALREADY DEAD! Dead Well. We're on steeler correctly it. Boys. Don't bring a common. For one day. Drop it in there and boom..

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