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I just wanna say i admire this. Podcast commitment to alienating people google it. What are you talking about. This is hypnotizing. This show is wonderful. People are fixated right now on the idea that right not melted down what's going to happen. It's renova what's going to happen. It's laura dern franklin actors. I know him. I knew whether spohn i know kravitz his daughter. I don't like i actually power for for the sixers. I have this problem. We made a reese. Weatherspoon is what i did. That's what what just happened there. Oh boy. I is welcome because she is going to bring a storm in this next episode i it was really bummed that they deleted the scene of actually throwing ice cream and mary louise. Why did they do this so i have a theory as so why they deleted the scene and they're gonna have to help me. Please help me because i had not heard this part of it. I had not heard i saw a lot of people talking about a deleted ice cream scene but i don't know what that is so remember okay guys. I promise we'll work our way from the beginning to where we are now but we're talking right now about how mary louise <hes> almost got ice cream thrown at her by clarence weatherspoon. It's dan put it so there was a scene in which mary louise obviously says the one thing that everybody to agitate them. They pass each other by while <hes> <hes> madeline madeline mandoline madeline madeline well so it's actually a plot point in the show renata always calls her maddy line and in one one episode madeline complaints about it so madeleine's walking with her daughter down the street and they bump into mary louise mary louise goes. Oh this is the daughter that must be going off off to college which is obviously be l. L. fans no a silicon point. It's it's it's got a lot of baggage attached to it so she says the one thing and that's just the interaction as you see however there's a deleted scene or madeleine throw z. ice cream at mary louise after that it would be so great so there's still leaked on the internet before the show. Oh came out dan so fans be all super. Fans like us were extremely excited and then nothing happens on the show what what happened there. The what does anyone have. I have an explanation for that. Clip went no explanation only theories. Here's my theory so i think that <hes> obviously mary louise has been annoying not just the monterey honore five but everybody who is watching on their teller great now terrible mother-in-law character like i don. She is maddening. Yes she's absolutely maddening and no one's really gotten her yet and that i think would have been too much satisfaction. Yes too much satisfaction in that moment for the viewing audience well this leads us into the finale right because it's all building up potentially to this moment where someone finally gets her in pincer down and you're. I think you're right. It would have been to gratifying too much of an early release. Yes we're building up here in the eighth and final episode of this season for meryl streep absolutely what mommy because we're getting in about thirty minutes of meryl streep on the witness and more more on that in a second what drew you to this show from the very beginning. What were your favorite parts about it. We've already discussed her favorite characters <unk> but <hes> tell me about your passion for bell obviously the powerhouse cast this many actresses with this money awards never happened before in the history of television decision that kind of hardware. It's like a super team right. The monterey fives like the hampton five so if you ask me feel like it's really for though i feel like the fifth starters like it would be talking about jane..

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