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Flax is Rachel Sutherland, the new president called on the divided nation to come together to fight the pandemic, asking those who didn't vote for him to hear him out. Saying disagreement must not lead this union and that we must end this uncivil war, overcome these challenges to restore the soul and secure the future America. Requires so much more than words requires the most elusive of all things in a democracy. Unity at the Capitol. Rachel Sutherland Fox. It's some GOP lawmakers air openly expressing their willingness to work with President Biden on a myriad of issues. They wrote a letter to Biden today. Mentioned more coronavirus relief and infrastructures to areas where they could partner. Five former executives of a Tampa company who were convicted for their roles in a Medicaid fraud scheme are among those who got a last minute pardon. Former President Trump granted pardons to several one time bigwigs at Tampa based WellCare Health plans former CEO Todd Farha as well as well cares. Former CFO Former general counsel and two ex vice presidents were convicted for their roles in a scheme to defraud Florida's Medicaid program by overstating how much they were spending on behavioral health patients. Supporters of the men say there's no evidence they were motivated by greed. Gordon Byrd. NewsRadio Wofl a angry beyond words that South Pole County Sheriff Grady Judd is characterizing the arrest of one of his deputies on charges that he made written threats related to the deadly right of the capital on January 6th. Judd says deputy Peter Haneen has been suspended pending termination. He's free on $5000 bomb. State representative Anthony Sabbatini wants to rename a Florida highway for former president Trump says he will sponsor an amendment to name us 27 in honor of the former president. I'm Reid Shepherd News, radio W F L A This is a Bloomberg money minute. Joe Biden starting his presidency with a winning day. In the stock market. All three major averages are on track to close at record highs. As we head for the closing bell, the Dow is up 242 points 2420.8%, the S and P is up close to 1.5% and the NASDAQ's up 2% Investors are celebrating strong earnings reports from big firms and banks. New federal spending expected by the Biden administration and the promise of vaccines being rolled out more quickly. Meanwhile, shares of Moderna dropped on word of temperature issues affecting shipments of its covert 19 vaccine. The company handling distribution of the maternal shots says some gel packs used in shipping have been getting too cold in transit. And the doses need to be replaced..

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