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In that game. I. AM. Not. I don't want to say not concerned about Joel but I he is concern when he's engaged I'm not sure how engaged he is right now at least he wasn't in these seating games it didn't feel like he was. The dominant embiid that we know is out there and I will say in the first match up of the season that opener Ns kanter started that gain, and while he was defensively locked in engaged engaged in mentally prepared for that match up, he held his own and was. Not. Pushed around by Joel and so. I. Think the Celtics. Bodies to throw at him and I agree with Evan in that while you can't overlook the sixers Celtics will be ready. What do you think the rotation looks like? I. Mean We know the clear guys, right we know the starting five. We don't need to rehash that we know Marcus smart it's there's your six but after that. Is Robert Williams part of that rotation if Brad is actually going to stick to eight guys as he's talked about the past is he one of them is you know his and his canter one of those guys particularly in this series and with the amount of bodies you're GONNA WANNA. Throw at Joylin bid is is You know could devante green get a look you know Shimmy Oh delay ago who who do you think is at the bottom of that rotation getting regular minutes in the playoffs at least in this series. Well, as Brad, Stevens will be the first to tell you it depends on the backup. So yeah, we're looking at the seventy sixers and I think we just have to follow the breadcrumbs Robert Williams today played limited minutes only in the second quarter not at all in the second half to me that indicates they are trying to get him some rest. Make sure that he is sound before when the playoffs do start and from there then I think it's Grad wanamaker or a Chevy Oh. delay, and then in this series against the sixers yes I think you are going to need Ns kanter no question because you just need bodies to combat that size download but I think that what we saw in the last two where the regulars played when Brad shortened his rotation, it was Brad wanamaker Marcus smart and Robert. Williams. I think semi odelay has showed enough in shooting very competently in the restart that absolutely brad will use him i. mean you're going to need combat muscles against Philli. So I see Cheviot delay getting some time but I think that's about it I I. Don't think we're going to get much Romeo Time I. don't think we're GonNa get much grant Williams and I know unfortunately, we are not gonNA get Taco unless things go. Really bad. Yeah..

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