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Good morning. Your time is six o'clock on this Monday. June 14th I'm Scott Slaten. Welcome to Atlanta's morning news. This is a breaking triple team traffic alert from 95.5 ws me another inter steak shooting in this one block society. Five. Let's bring you up to date with Mark McKay Scott. We've been here before this stretch of 85, leaving midtown Atlanta out toward the cab county. Not to chew long ago we had it shut down for an extended period of time. This closure is now running over an hour, hour 15 minutes about 4 45. This morning we heard Atlanta police reporting a ruling to report of a person shot 85 north, Um at Georgia 400. They've had the interstate shut down ever since it's right at the 400 Bridge. That's the captain heard flyover ramps that cross over 85. That means traffic can get onto 400 north. To avoid that you want to avoid it altogether on the northeast Atlanta by using the briefers spring Connector E six. That's your exit off of 85 north. You can also get on at Peachtree out of North East Atlanta. Take the B for spring connector north down to avoid the hefty delays Now building on the I 85 quarter, leaving midtown Atlanta South side We've been following trouble as well, actually, for about two miles of delay through the construction zone in Stockbridge, 75 south are working on the right lanes. 6 75 in a crash, clearing from two right lanes north of Morrow, 75. North, a terrible of our triple team traffic. WSB. I'll tell you how the thunderstorm chance changes in five minutes. I'm ws vb rocks is Kirk knowledge. WSB news. Time is six to this portion of Atlanta's winning news sponsored by Ragsdale, heating air and Plumbing. Here's Marcy Williamson. John Think about updating breaking.

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