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Twenty eight. Zubi act also. Who? What even with that? They don't have put into San Antonio just Just wondering. wondering. Hearing. What was he doing? Contesting with this trying to get a foot up on the shot. See this man knows how to defend that's not how you defend the basketball never kicked out. Then the camera got different accounts. Let's talk about Jimmy Butler scoring fourteen points in his debut with the Sixers. The story was that the call laughs late against the magic Jimmy went scoreless in the fourth quarter. The whole team was in trouble. The magic went on a twenty one to nothing run to end that game Scottie. What's your takeaway? Jimmy about debut. I think it was a great birds game form he came in. He didn't wanna put any pressure on his team. Macy's trying to feel his way in. But I'm like what he said. After the game. He felt good. He felt like that. They're going to be the team. And to me, they're the team to beat. Because I believe defense win championships. And I think when they acquired Jimmy Butler it really stabilized their defense or guy that loves to play defense guide now that you can put on your best player to stop him from scoring. But also they have size they help link. And I think with 'em be playing the way that he's been playing the season on the MVP level that they're going to be tough to deal with compla- often. Then. Joel Embiid was a finalist for defensive player of the year. We know what a good to a player Jimmy is. So that's that's certainly I see where you're going. I think it's a strong statement to say they're the favorite over Toronto or Boston. But I like I like that you're putting it out there. I love this team because I think defensively they're going to be able to shut a lot of the teams down in as when you go to the west is going to be a different story, but come to the east they're going to be able to deal with the Balsams Milwaukee box who got great offense. I think that'd be great defensive. I guess a lot of teams because not too many teams you could say their three best players mar elite on both sides of the ball. Ben Simmons is an elite defensive player though, for sure don't get it to us, and then beat as you said was the defensive player of the year. Finalist and now Jim Jimmy Butler is all defense team fixture, and then they played three different positions. And they got that size. Having said that. Dini shooting. They don't have enough shooting. I know you got JJ Redican. He's tremendous but Simmons Embiid and Butler. None of them are knocked down three point shooter. Butler's the best of them he streaky and being shot well last night, but he's head below thirty percent. I believe on the season for his three pointer and Simmons Lena needs. Right now as they get ready. It's Wilson Chandler, but they need more. They need. This is this is Ryan will say for people who've been watching this show all week sad with me. Kyle Korver trade watch continues. Smith, bio know, Kyle Korver. Back to Philly. Streaking Legrand continues his assault on the NBA record books. We'll talk about it. Dave mcmenamin jobs FIS. Stay tuned. Wouldn't tracking the domestic doesn't want. You come to find them hiding under wardrobes next to law songs due to. Scurry off what's up the fascinating about the dust bunny is not over there, not actually essential creatures when the modernization people money, but as I ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating, this obvious to them you should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a new brain..

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