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Keep six feet of distance between you and those outside your household you fucking been doing comedy beds. Have you been? Were like start writing no no. I've written anything shed but I've been I've decided to just just except where this is and then when comedy clubs are about to open up then I'll start writing again but I'm just I mean just accepting where this is and I want to have an honest take on it. I don't WanNa be manufacturing a take. We're trying to come up with some sort of a hot take on how I feel but I wanna know how you feel about this and I really feel about. This is very different now versus the way it was in. March because in March I was concerned. I was like jeeze crisis. Could be terrible like we really have to stockpile food. We really have to make sure that we have water purification. We really have to be careful here. Now I'm like you gotta be careful. These fucking politicians. Now I'm in the place where you have to understand. These people people are starving. People don't have any money you're telling people can't go to work but you telling people that can go to work in some places like why is it okay to work at target but it's not okay to work in a family business. Why is it okay? Well let's let's figure out testing let's quarantine the people who are sick this strategy that you guys have you not adjusting adapting. You're not adjusting and adapting to the numbers mortality numbers too because their way lower than they were before push. Now we have this. Understanding of the ACE is symptomatic. People and how many people have tested positive? That are eysenck dramatic. It's off the charts. It somewhere in the range in in many studies seventy plus percent of people that getting contact with this are symptomatic test positive for the disease. That's crazy ASEM. Yes so that's the thing we gotta be careful about to be careful about forty fifty could be like. There's probably a range friends tire disease. It's out of their system. They never felt yeah. I have one friend who he did. He had tightness in his chest but he actually was in outside of Han in December so he was like got it at the time he just thought it was a little like whatever that's called tests. Yeah but it was mostly tightness. He said it wasn't like you know that's just crazy about this. It's so there's so many variables in terms of like how people how people are affected by it and what goes wrong. There are so many variables. Here's your your your genetics. There's immune system. How is your immune system shaped what your there's your diet that's included in your vitamin D status. You're you know there's there's you know the other interesting thing and and there's been no studies with SARS Cov too but there have been influenza studies showing that viral dose. It's really interesting studies. That have been done where I don't know who volunteers from these studies. But like sign me up to in. I want to be anyway. Louis Somehow get healthy people to do that and there's been these studies where people are like intranet inter nasal like they'll give them various tighter of influenza virus and they try the point of the study is to figure out what viral dose and they have some measurement like envy in tissue culture number or whatever and they found to make people have symptoms right and they found with influenza forgot which a or something I think one of the strains was like they could do a certain dose. I tend to the seven in Tissue Culture. Or whatever units were seventy percent of people would get like symptoms ranging from fever cough and all the influenza know flu symptoms but then when they went down to from ten to seven. Let's say they went down to ten to the five. Only ten percent of the people were getting so like. It's kind of interesting that viral does at least with influenza and there's actually been some other studies I think measles also that it is it is a thing not something that you wanna like. Go and experiment with yourself but you know that's another possibility right for sure we hear about nurses yes? They're getting way more sick right because there. I mean that could be one reason right there. Their actual job is to be around infected people in their intimating these people and their their h two can't practice getting writing their faces right but some of them. They have poor especially in the beginning. When you're seeing these people that were like using makeshift masks and jazz trying to horrible. Yeah I think with the masks you know for for people I mean reopening the economy and you know some places have been more successful you know even even Japan and stuff where you know the wearing the masks like the cloth. Mass doesn't do much to prevent you from breathing in maybe a respiratory droplet or something or aerosol that you know but it will prevent you from spreading it you know to to to a certain degree like. I get that people don't WanNa wear masks like it. Sucks like who you know who wants to wear a mask but maybe to open up the economy again like now? Maybe like everyone could wear a mask if they're going to be inside around a bunch of people either keeping the economy close keeping the economy close. I'll be willing to do. It's not gonNA be forever. It's not going to be forever because we're going to figure this stuff out. We are like it's already. We're already finding repurpose reputation. Monoclonal antibodies people working on. That's GONNA be coming soon. The monoclonal antibodies. So the whole point of that is that they're identifying antibodies that can neutralize the virus. And they're going to grow them and manufacture them and given people. It'll help treat eventually. They'll identify when that were kind of a time line. Do you think this. I think that I think things are going to think that these therapeutics can start the so like Jesse Beers already been identified and there may start to identify the ones like the pancreatic pancreatitis drug in Japan chemist. At something There's the Pepsi I mean there's a lot of different repurposing drugs that are being investigated You know and I think over the next couple of months and then general already. Doing one of these monoclonal antibodies. I think in the next couple of months We'll we'll have more therapeutics than we have Right now. At that that'll that'll make things. Less scary people will be less scared of getting sick because the have you know they'll have a better idea of. Oh we have some more. You know things that can therapeutically treat this successively. Hopefully people are going to start looking at the vitamin D. I really like I really hope that If not just I hope people are going to. You know take their vitamin D. Your doctor to take it. You know But Yeah I think then a couple of months. Can you wear a mask for a couple of months? And the. Here's why it's not gonNa work to just have the people that are vulnerable? Wear the mask because the cloth masks isn't going to prevent them from getting. You know aerosolize droppings. If you're spreading asymmetric which is that. It's been shown that you if you already some dramatic that CDC study. I mentioned a while ago. About how pre-symptomatic say symptomatic. After a week when they came back to measure the people again they found that out of the thirteen ten of them actually did get symptoms. The other three that were to matic had they were they were spreading. I'm sorry shedding as much virus That could make them. You know basically contagious and be able to transmit strain so the point is I think that I know. People don't wear mass. I have I have family members that like infringing their freedom you know and like it it does suck and I know people are were thing is like also children. I don't know how to tackle that issue because it's really hard. That's that seems a little more difficult but like adults you know you know. I think that if you're working when your your your restaurant back up your you know like that seems like a good compromise right. Doesn't the children with this disease because some children are getting sick? But it's a very small number but many children are getting in contact with his this disease and how many of them are a symptomatic but are spreading. So they've been. There have been quite a few studies looking at Children that are a symptomatic. Children that have mild symptoms and children that are symptomatic and So far so far the studies have shown For the most part that children even that are as symptomatic are shutting as much virus as both children that are symptomatic and adults. That are some dramatic meaning. They're like they're able to transmit it. They're shedding the virus. Right Sprinkler Systems. They are they're serling like I used to never get sick and then I became a mom and I think first of all the first year it hit me hard. Because I wasn't sleeping. You know because you have to like every three hours you gotta feed the baby giant. Factor immune system. Oh sleep is huge. We didn't talk about that. I know you've had walker on the hot item. I mean he's talked about it before and lots of other. Researchers have studied. This sleep is so important for immune function so important. I but I mean we're all not no one's working so they're probably getting more sleep now but they're also stressed out and they have anxiety particularly their bills are piling up and they have no income through. It's awful it's awful. It's awful awful for so many of these people that didn't do anything wrong. They didn't do anything wrong. Built a business and now that businesses crushed man. I think you gotta get the option. You gotTA give people the option to go to work you have to you. Can't you can't do this especially if it's an option but we're yeah? This is not the plague that we thought it was going to be. This is not the horrible tragedy. It's not it's definitely like Allegri with you on that like I think like a month and a half ago I mean I thought I was GONNA see body bags in the street. I was I was like this is GONNA be really bad. I was terrified and it thankfully has not been that bad. I mean New York City got hit pretty hard but you know. We've we have been on lockdown so that has to be accounted for you to see in New York City particularly when they were getting hit. You GotTa think this is New York City in January which is January. It's winter time. People are not going outdoors. I wonder how much the vitamin D deficiency varies dependent upon rights winter winter. It's been shut that it's been seasonal offensive showing that vitamin D levels are much lower in the wintertime. It also correlates. There's been studies correlating with seasonal affective disorder. And all that. But yes January all those vitamin D deficiency is lower for sure would like to see a study on whether or not it varies between the East Coast and the West Coast because over here. We do have all these sunny days outside far.

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