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We'll not ready to talk about the subject matter yet but keep an eye out for that so we're we're we're trying to a lot of different things and playing a lot of different spaces and we'll see which one of them turns out to be most exciting for you mentioned social we're going to folks were facebook on directly after this um where there's a lot going on facebook howard the the shifts that they've made in the ships that they've annnounced affecting your business i think that the i think that there's likely going to be some period of uncertainty i mean as of right now it's essentially had no effect but i think what we're what we've been told to expect is lots of turbulence lots of changes lots of tweaks that may have big affect small effects but like most publishers who are producing original content that you know deep original journalism we've actually seen a significant decline in how much of our traffic is coming from facebook and it's been made up by the resurgence of google prior to announce long before it yeah and for us i would say apple news is actually in some ways and more important platform and apple these is the place where people actually intentionally go to to consume news so so we actually had tremendous success there and the and the story of proposed has really been one of surfing the waves of content disruption right i mean it was first it was gugel and they surf that they serve the hell out of that seo wave and became the number one seo publisher what time is the super bowl everyone most famous headline of huffpost history.

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