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The break slept the car roll down the hill and crash course hand somehow i can't help feeling eating what i don't know this horrible house everything about it just plain evil all alachua don't you give it all up his obsession of yours you started writing a book doing cycle research to prove there were no such things as apparitions or ghosts i found out that i was wrong well what would you say if i told you that i'd already seen one apparition here that i was expecting to see another one oh no yes the first evening i came here i saw calhoun i talked to him he showed me around the house and later on i discovered that he has died the day before i waited for him to come back again but he never did i finally realized why he couldn't come back because he hadn't died here died at the sanitarium now i'm waiting for sanders to come back standards but but he didn't die here either he died i i don't like it here i'm afraid i'm going you can help me come on in here under the pilot come on gene later i'll tell you very interesting story about this room about something that happened here a long time ago all right yeah gene i've just realized i've been very stupid calhoun couldn't come back again because he didn't die did die here but he wasn't very good now i'm beginning to think that his spirit can only materialized in the place where it's buddy what's that got to do with me yeah has anyone know that you came here tonight why why good do you mean and what are you doing with that cave.

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