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Clearly, I'm a good mood. Let's be Frank. Frank. I'm cavenaugh doubt. I'm cavenaugh out for a while need to take a break saying the word even hurts. My brain Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh my God. I'm overwhelmed with social media. I really am. It's unhealthy. I need to do it for work. I I could use it to brag I just don't need. I don't respond much because I don't wanna read people's posts. Because. Bring down. Especially now that politics become a hobby. So I'm happy to do this non political thing. Kind of night light Nightline get it L I T. Nothing. Heavy nothing. Too heavy. I. Had a good day today. But when you can say I had a good day. I got a tip for you. In Newton center. How is Newton center today in Newton center. If you you know with a t is the NBA station in Newton center. See it's pretty tough to miss. If you just cross the street. There's a little alleyway. Go down that alleyway downstairs. Down those stairs. His restaurant called Saint Petersburg restaurant. I think Saint Petersburg. It's a Russian restaurant, and it is old school. Definitely looks the people that come out of there. Look like. Rush. How do I describe it? If if you even the cliche picture in your mind, an older Russian women. The big gatherings in they have real super Russian people. Kind of old world big big parties and serious Russian food and serious vodkas that you've never have heard of and not like they're not like showing off like a fancy by Russian vodka. Yeah. And. I treated myself to a beer this afternoon. And because I love the inside of this place. If you've ever Newton center, Saint Petersburg restaurant has anyone ever been there? It's cool. It's really like being in Russia, and I know because I've been in Russia. It's also like being in those countries right near Russia. The big parties, and they had beer there that I'd never heard of before in in Ukraine or Ukraine is a town called lavar, lavar of L I L V I V or LV Lovie, and it's just over the Hungarian border. If you go from crack out Hungarian border and keep on going, you get to evolve and this beer was from the brewery, their Levinsky or something like that. And it was a it wasn't as small beer. It was one of those good sized beers. It wasn't super expensive. They weren't ripping me off. They weren't too cute about it. I said, Yep. Gimme that. And you know, what it tasted like it tasted like Chernobyl water. Now, I didn't taste bad it tasted like every other like a million other beers. But it had a cool bottle and it came from Ukraine. And joined the experience though, there was no one in the place. Just some guy. And didn't even look like they were open and just said, you know, what I'm going in here. And I'm going to have a beer all by my lonesome. And so that was good. Then I've shared with you that well sometime ago, we have guy named Chuck call who's probably listening have Chuck who's a chef at super fancy restaurant in the. In boston. And if you remember you talked about scallops, and how to buy scallops and about seafood and about fruit and about produce and was great. I kind of took his advice. I got away from supermarkets. I don't care if I ever go to a supermarket again, unless it's market basket. I would go to that. I'm now into farmers markets. Even though they're more expensive. I I I had a peach. Remember, I was complaining about peaches or had a peach it tasted like a peach. It was. So great. Super juicy. Hadn't had a piece like it for years. Only slightly more expensive. Pizzas. His how expensive four bucks a pound. But with a like a fifteen percent discount for cash so kind more expensive. Yeah. But it it's edible. The other stuff's inedible. I've had I've had to throw out peaches repeatedly. This was a scrumptious peach local farm. Can't believe how good it was local pairs spectacularly Sweden. Good local apples. And. I went to the fish area and yesterday, I had a shrimp. Roll up. Shrimp salad in it. Roll up today. I had seared ahi tuna roll up for ten bucks. Some Eaton in this more healthy manner. And I just am digging. It try not to eat out of the machine here. Instead, I'm eating this delicious fruit. I'm feeling good about spending the money. I don't know. There's something about it. It's invigorating is different. It's new. And tomorrow actually Sunday night. A Monday, I'm gonna go there, and there's a Kripa place, and I'm going to get eight seafood crip for nine bucks. Not too much of a splurge when you consider that a Starbucks Coffee and a banana is four fifty. So let's continue after this on busy. Accompanies physical work environment has a tremendous impact on productivity prophets and employee recruitment and retention. We're all trying to find.

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