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Commentary because it was so rough and the whole video like outlines this stuff, and I think very rightly criticises it. But it also opens this window into Disney makes like we talked about it when we did our Disney trip, and then like sort of addressed it in the following upset. Wonderful like, it's so polished it is so fine tuned. The whole experience is like so meticulously designed from the second. You you drive onto the park and to see something so poorly like that was also sort of delta bad hand by just sort of the twists of fate was really interesting. Also, then it goes into that ride became a monsters Inc. Ride and all of the semi on intimate traffic. Celebrities, they like slapped has MAC suits on them. And so now, they're like, you know, the monster cleanup crew or whatever and they still had guy has met doing like a high flying kick. It's just Jackie Chad where he gets sued like the whole front facade of the building like they just sort of slapped some like monsters Inc. Doors all over there's so much of the DNA of the original Ryan that turned into this like. You know, better better ride. It sounds like kind of the thrill of seeing a really bad movie. Like watching a bad movie with your friends? It's like seeing this like, I don't know this urgency put behind something that is just never going to be good. Yeah. It's interesting in that regard. I also think it's interesting, especially the Disney ones because you I don't think you'd get to the point where disease that now where you know, pretty much all the things they make are right on point like they are all leading towards you having this perfect experience. While.

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