Adam Schiff, Mike Bombayo, Senate discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak


Comex gold up a tenth of a percent dollar forty two thirteen eleven twenty ounce and the euro dollar seventeen thirty and straight ahead we have the latest world and national news news this is bloomberg thanks karen now six thirty three on wall street so we've heard from north korea now reacting to the summit cancellation bloomberg's michael barr brings us up to date on hopes the nuclear talks might still happen at some point michael thank you bob north korea says it is still open to a meeting with president trump the us cancelled a singapore's summit scheduled for next month meanwhile secretary of state mike bombayo is pushing back against criticism from democrats of the trump administration's dealings with north korea in a senate hearing yesterday on peyot told senator tom udall of new mexico the us was fully prepared for the june twelfth summit between president trump and kim jong hoon given that the president refuses to disclose his tax returns how can you assure the american people that american foreign policy is free of his personal conflicts of interest i i find i find that question bizarre you don't want to answer it then center describe it is bizarre yes i do think that's indicative of my answer senator trump says he withdrew from the summit citing tremendous anger in open hostility in recent statements from the north justice department officials held two meetings with lawmakers yesterday about classified information related to the russia investigation in the twenty sixteen election president trump claimed the fbi embedded a spine has campaign california democratic congressman adam schiff nothing we heard today has changed our view that there is no evidence to support any allegation that the fbi or any intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign the white house sent two representatives to the meetings chief of staff john kelly and the president's attorney emmett flood canadian police outside of toronto's say a blast from an improvised explosive device in a restaurant when we did at least fifteen people bill police constable arena yashpal witness anything that has any information in relation to this incident these contact us the explosion and mississauga took place at the bombay bell hindu restaurant harvey weinstein is expected to surrender today to authorities and appear in the new york city courtroom to face sexual assault charges about eighty women who have come forward since last year with allegations against weinstein sent the metoo movement into motion global news.

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