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But come on. Let me let me say this. Well it's okay. You're going to say this is the biggest margin we've ever had which is true and you might say it was surprising to me. It was not surprising. Sometimes we ask these questions and there's multiple reasonable answers. There is no other simple answer at this in this moment. Then crispier period. I mean is like it'd be like if we asked a candy coaches question. What's the best basketball program in the wctc. There's only one answer to that. Question is should be one hundred percent. And i would argue. This should have been one hundred percent crispy. I'm glad that although that would have been actually that would have been the best stories if we pulled you know. One hundred seven coaches and literally. All hundred seven voted for chris beard. He did get sixty one percent of the vote though and that was by far the best. shock a smart. I do how. 'bout this the old texas coach and the new texas coach were not just one and two they accounted for seventy eight percent of the vote and this does make sense logically. The top three vote-getters were the only candidates up for a vote who have been to the final four as a head. Coach beard shock a smart puerto mosier at oklahoma they comprised eighty six percent of the vote West miller and craig smith got three percent of peace. And then tommy. Lloyd hubert davis mike woodson ben johnson miles earl grant and pat kelsey vote. John also received a vote but he will apply to next year's poll question when he actually inherits the head. Coaching position there Real real quick. This is in the post. But i went back and looked at every coach that one this starting in twenty thirteen. Steve alford one at ucla. Coming out of new mexico re signed a ten year deal and left the school like an hour and a half later. I don't have the percentage. There i couldn't find it way back. Machine failed me Buzz williams virginia tech twenty nine percent in two thousand fourteen shock a smart texas forty one percent. The previous highest vote getter was the texas coach. The last time. Texas made a higher in two thousand sixteen. It was brad underwood at oklahoma state. With twenty five percent he was actually the lowest percentage of okita. We've ever had for this question. Archie miller in seventeen at indiana had thirty eight percent in two thousand eighteen chris. Mack thirty two percent and then in two thousand nineteen was fred hoiberg at thirty percent parish. When you look at that list of past winners. Alfred was fired. Buzz williams did good but he's no longer there. He moved on of his own volition. Shock a smart. It didn't end well although it was decently successful it just didn't end well. Brad underwood was a one and done to get a big job. He's no longer there. Archie miller fired no longer there. And then chris mack and fred hoiberg their recent hires and so they're still there but i would say both of those situations. I mean the the louisville situation with chris. Mack there in the middle of an ongoing quagmire with with stuff that predated max tenure and now includes max tenure where you had an assistant trying to extort you in hoiberg nebraska just hasn't caught on yet probably uncivil tournament team yet this season either so the point is there have been some successes but there is not one previous winner to this question. That is both at the school they were at when they want it and like continuing to be accessory there so if beer does it he'll be the first Granted it's only a seven year sample size gp. But i found that interesting. There hasn't been like the higher that like. Oh yeah he wanted. And when you look up like they've just been cruising enroll in either. The coach moved on or just kind of been or they've been fired. Yeah and that's why if we look back in five years it's possible that crispier will not have been the best hire from this off. We revisit these things i mean. It would have been crystal clear to me the year. That indiana hired archie. Miller that archie miller was the best hire turns out not so much right so you know we can look back on this stuff and have different opinions but in this moment. I don't think there's any answer other than chris beard. He's the most accomplished guy although his division one head coaching career is still relatively young. He's undeniably accomplished unprecedented things at two different schools. Unprecedented things in the state of texas. And now he's at the university of texas so on the david got hired. He was the right answer and everything's done since he got hired. He's he. He remade texas as roster into a roster that is that comprises a top. Preseason top five fifteen. You got a national championship in year one at texas. He took over a program that lost in the opening round the ncaa tournament to abilene christian. And he got a chance to win a national championship in year one so the day that he was hired. He seemed like the obvious answer to this question. And certainly as we sit here getting ready to start the two thousand twenty one twenty two season again. I just i don't listen. I i think shock is going to be terrific at marquette. I like a lot of these hires. But if you can only pick one. I don't know how you can mumble. Answer anything differently than grislier. I wouldn't disagree with you if you made me pick one. He just seems to make the most sense. A lot of coaches in the sport. Think that this is the ideal marriage and as long as chris. Beard wants to be a college basketball coach. he ain't leaving texas. This is the spot they gotta sparkly new arena coming next year. They killed it in the transfer portal. We'll see how that goes this year. If you really look at the players they got a bunch of guys that came from teams. That weren't good or didn't win. So i'm interested to see how they those players gel with the due to did come back but yeah he is. He's got it wrong. I did have a couple of coaches really supper. Shock smart and say The texas fit was not good. I kind of felt that by the second year. He's going to be able to have all this autonomy at marquette and you're going to look up and we're gonna look we're gonna be talking and four or five years and we're going to be seeing that marquette in that league in the big east is going to be the undisputed like top three program consistently kind of at the level that the buzz williams added that before that will That'll be interesting. But i wasn't surprised. I thought beard will be one in shock. Be too and that's indeed. How the voting came out one more question before we get out of here. It was presented this way with coach k. As mike chess game for those unfamiliar with coach k. Retiring who is the best person to replace him as the most prominent face and voice in college basketball and the leading vote-getter was j. right at thirty eight percent followed by tommaso. Twenty percent. john calipari twelve percent. Tony bit nine percent mark. Few six percent juwan howard. Five percent mick cronin. Three percent matt painter three percent and then various coaches accounted for the remaining four percent of the votes. This is one where just said what the other questions. There's only one right answer and it. Was chris beard. This is one where there's multiple right answers. Yes i thought you were about to say. I thought about say. There's only one right answer i was like. What no no you. You could make reasonably make an argument. I guess for pretty much. Everybody that the coaches voted for. But i think especially for jay wright and tony bennett tom. Izzo is obviously finished. Second and he's obviously a prominent face and voice in the sport has been for a long time and could certainly elevate in the absence of roy williams. Mike chef ski. But you know he. He's he's up there in age. I think jay and tony are going to be coaching longer in college basketball. Then thomas just gas. But i would guess that way. Based on nothing more than their birth certificates. Jay writes got multiple. National championships is well light. Well respected and multiple coaches pointed out. And i think this is true. Could be the next coach of usa basketball and twenty minutes. Same sort of deal national championship super respected. Well liked like all of these guys aren't well liked throughout the sport..

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