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Yeah, we'll say Peek in the toilet. Christie. I think that's I think that's a pretty common fear. I don't think that's that weird. No, I don't. I think people have heard of other people who are afraid that something might climb up. I've never thought about that before, but siblings much me for years. Every time I go to the bathroom, they had friends over there like watcher. I think it's where that when you when you go to the bathroom here, you still run out with no pants half down and stuff because you're afraid something might reach up and grab you. Yeah, I'm sure to be safe. You know, It's weird, you know, but it's fine. It's a mating call, If anything, really Mating home. I do that here. Yeah, I know You don't want to do that here. No, but it's also nobody in the building either. So it's no wonder it's not working is the only place I go besides a grocery store, and that's not working out for me. Yeah. Nana told me not to sit down and flash because my privates would go down. Stop it. Yeah, She's just gonna give up. She said she knew a woman on a cruise who had happened to you. And now that I'm thinking of it that never happens. That never happened. That's horrifying. What would she tell you as a child? Oh, yeah, that's horrifying. Yeah, she would scare the crap out of me. I don't know why I think she's got a little chuckle out of it. But, yeah, I don't think that ever happened. It was a fake. Pretty sure that's Yeah. You have to be hanging down pretty low for that. Could be a real issue. You have a real medical issue that I would recommend a physician. Yeah, among other things, anyway. Sources say that four members of the band Geri Ginger Spice, Sporty Spice Smell, See Mel be scary. Who's my favorite? And baby? I'm a Buntin know posh, though Obviously, she's too good for them have approached a screenwriter about devising a follow up to their 97. Iconic film. The movie is to help mark the group's 25th anniversary next year. More to check out online today. Britney Spears Jason Did you see her latest post her instagram compared to spin again? Anything okay, but it's a very long post. If you want to see that. Also, Polina wants me to let you know that bad bunny did a spread for W magazine. And that's on Fred's show radio dot com. This is something I never thought about before. But you know, I went last week we were off. And I went to. Ah, Venture north and Duluth. Technically cloak. It's called Cloquet outside of Duluth is right. Went to the airport where I got my flight instructor rating, So I'm already a pilot. And I have a commercial rating in an instrument rating and a multi engine rating and a seaplane rating and a god aerating and then I wouldn't get my instructor, right? I have about 1400 hours of flying 1500 is the minimum to go to the airlines. Um, it took me 20 years to get it, but anyway So I'm not Completely in experience, But I getting becoming an instructor means that you fly from the other side of the airplane flying a different seat. Now you're teaching somebody as opposed to. So it's not really so much. I learned how to fly. I learned how to Teach somebody And then they obviously dig into like a deeper level on the material that you're supposed to know, because in the FAA guy sits there for four hours, and he's asking you questions. Could you gotta be able to answer Because you're not? You're teaching somebody how to fly. Now I consign somebody, and they can go fly by themselves that get a license with bacon solo, so they didn't want to make sure you kind of know what you're talking about. So I put that on social media. They're excited about it. And our old friend Joe Joe, Show Cougar bait as you may remember him. Another one of the illustrious members of the internship program here on the Fred Show, and of Previously the friend Nancy Radio broadcast, Eh? So he decides to go on the radio yesterday. And he's concerned. About That and says that he doesn't want to be my first student. Listen to this talk about one of our friends. This is by the way, I'm loving family of the show. He was a mentor of mine Ashes Cougar bait and now known as Joe. The Joe Show on F L Z in Tampa has his own morning show. No highly rated. I hear he's number one by a mile already took like five seconds with actually next, Who's Actually Nick used to be on with? And then that guy Jeff presented with a Jeff He's tremendous. He's really doing a great job as the producer there got some weird going on. No, I think just really good night like Jeff a lot. Anyway. Cougar Bacon, Actually, next shout out. Those are our friends. We share them on here. He still is a mentor of mine. He does radio in Chicago. His name is Fred and Ashley. Did you see what he's been doing lately? No. And I love him. I love him more than anything, and I can't say it enough. This guy is a mentor of mine. I would not be where I'm at without him. That being said. It's tough to look at it and not laugh and also go. Oh, so credit is a pilot. Actually, there's something incredible he will fly because Chicago and I might be saying this wrong, but from what I'm pretty positive is So Chicago specifically is like a no kill city and with dogs in the pound, they will rescue them and bring them to the city. Now Fred will fly. He flies to different states picks up dogs and brings him back. So he's a pilot. Right? Caleb Center with me, Fred, Um, is now a teacher. He teaches people how to fly a flight instructor. Amazing Final Island. He's been flying for a long time. Now. This is where I started to laugh. And I'm Michael. Yes, now being An instructor. You have to have your first class. You teach the first person right? So he's been posting a lot. Hey, this is my first student were up in the air. Hey, this is my first student. We're about to land. Hey, were my first student Bubba Bubba walk. You imagine being that guy? Look at this, dude. First of all, I have never had a student because the instructor was my student..

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